Show Sunday | Favorite Shows of 2022

Of course I had to do a favorite shows of 2022 post. While I also haven’t watched that many shows compared to previous years, I do think I have more than enough to write this post haha. I will only include shows that have had a season this year. And like we did we our favorite books, I’m going to narrow it down to my top 10. It’s going to be hard, but I can do it haha. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Favorite Shows of 2022”

Show Sunday| Favorite 2021 TV Shows Part 2

Books are something that take up a lot of my time, but on top of that I’m also a big fan of TV shows and watch way too many, haha. Isabelle is the same and told you about her 2021 favorite TV shows last week and today it’s my turn. 2021 was filled with a lot of amazing new TV shows, but also some older ones that I got caught up on.  Keep on reading to hear about the shows I was loving last year!

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Show Sunday | Favorite 2021 TV Shows Part 1

This week was all about our favorite books of 2021. But we also watch a ton of tv shows so of course we had to include a list with our favorite tv shows as well. Today it’s time for my list and next week will be Candyce’s turn. I will only talk about tv shows that had a season in 2021, so no older shows I got caught up on. It was pretty hard to narrow it down as I watched a ton of great shows! I’m going with a top 15 in no particular order and will do honorable mentions as well (and those will be another 15 shows, oops haha). Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Favorite 2021 TV Shows Part 1”

Show Sunday | Favorite 2020 TV Shows Part 2

You all know I watch and love a ton of series so this was actually the hardest list to make out of all we did this past week. I thought long about my criteria and the best way to compile this list. The show had to have a season in 2020 and I had to have watched at least that season. So shows I’m not up to date with aren’t counting for this one. I also decided to not count shows I already featured in last years list with a season that was airing both in 2019 and 2020. So if the season ran from October through March and I listed it last year, I’m not adding it to this list. This was probably my longest introduction yet, so let’s just jump in! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Favorite 2020 TV Shows Part 2”

Show Sunday | Favorite 2019 Tv Shows part 1

Apart from all the books we read, we also watch a ton of tv shows. So these 2019 favorites posts wouldn’t be complete without our favorite tv shows of the year. Today is my turn and next Sunday Candyce will share her favorite shows. I have a ton to talk about because I watch wayyyy to much, so let’s get into it! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Favorite 2019 Tv Shows part 1”

Show Sunday | Shows I Want to Rewatch

Inspired by a friend of mine I’m currently rewatching Gilmore Girls. This summer I rewachted Veronica Mars and I absolutely loved it. But like with books, I don’t rewatch shows that often. And maybe I should. It’s something I highly enjoy and isn’t that all that matters? I think I’m even worse with tv show than with rereading books if I’m being honest. While looking at some favorite shows, I still have a hard time picking some I would actually go and rewatch. And it’s not because I don’t love them with all my heart and soul! So let’s take a look at some of the shows I would love to possibly rewatch. Continue reading “Show Sunday | Shows I Want to Rewatch”

Show Sunday | The Inbetween

One of my favorite shows this summer has been The Inbetween. As you may know I watch way too many tv shows haha, and even in the summer I find a ton of fun shows to watch. One of the most underrated shows in my opinion is The Inbetween. As of now, this show isn’t cancelled or renewed yet so I hope to bring it some extra love 😉

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