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After reading Play to Win earlier this year, I knew the Wynn Hockey series would be one I’d need to continue to follw. The romance and writing was amazing and the added family drama made the first book very interesting. The sequel, In It To Win It, is now available as well. A big thanks to the publisher for providing me with an ARC to read and review!

Play to Win had me wanting a sequel right after I was finished reading it. My expectations were pretty high for In It to Win It, but I wasn’t disappointed at all. Kelly Jamieson gave me everything I wanted and more in this sequel.

We get a glimpse of JP in the first book and he’s not painted as the best character. It seems he stole his brother’s girlfriend (that’s not completely the case, but people judge him for it). He’s a typical bad boy and even though in many cases he’s not as bad as people seems, JP lets people blame him for things. He’s so hard on himself even if an incident isn’t his fault. JP is trying to change his image though even if he’s his biggest judge.

Taylor is a character we also met in Play to Win. I liked Taylor. She’s really down to earth. Taylor just graduated college and is getting her career started. I loved how dedicated she was to the kids she’s helping. It’s important to be passionate about your work and she definitely is. Taylor faces some unpleasant surprises with her family and has to deal with a lot in this book and process what is happening. She loses her faith in love, but can JP change that?

The instant chemistry between JP and Taylor was amazing. Sparks were flying! I can say one thing, this author knows how to write some steamy scenes! She knows what she’s doing. There are definitely some bumps along the way, but I loved that JP really wanted nothing more than to get to know Taylor and be with her. Even if his biggest obstacle was himself. I loved reading about them finding their way to each other. The only thing that bugged me was Taylor settling for a guy she had no feelings for. She made things so much harder at times because of that.

On top of the amazing romance, we get more information about the Wynn family drama. This family is complicated, but that made it pretty interesting. What I loved the most is even though it’s clear so much is going on, it didn’t take over the story. The author does this in a balanced way that only adds to the story in a positive way. She definitely set some stuff up for the next book that makes me excited.

If you’re looking for a book with amazing characters, steamy romance, humor, family drama and that leaves a smile on your face, definitely pick up In It to Win It.

JP and Taylor really found a place in my heart and I was sad this story was over. I think sports romances will always be my favorite. What’s your favorite sports romance?

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