Review| The C Word – Michelle MacQueen & Ann Maree Craven

I’ve been a big fan of the Redefining series so far. The F Word and The N Word were both amazing and books I think people really need to read. The third book, The C Word is now available and it’s another one that needs to be added to the list of need to read. Today I want to tell you what I thought about this book. Also, a big thanks to the authors for providing me with an ARC to read and review!

One party. One accident

Six lives changed forever

Julian Callahan has a secret.

Okay, he has a few secrets.

His twin brother died, and he thinks he’s supposed to miss him. But how do you miss a guy who did something terrible?
He’s writing a kinda sorta novel. Yep, a book. How stupid is it for the loner of Twin Rivers to think anyone cares what he has to say?
He’s in love with a girl who will never see him the same way.

But online, he gets to be someone else, someone without the baggage weighing him down. When he meets a girl through an online app, all she wants to talk about is books, letting him forget about the rest of the town who want him gone.

As he falls harder for a girl he barely knows, his secrets don’t seem to matter anymore. But an anonymous online friend can’t help him write the ending to his story. For that, he needs the girl behind the screen name.

Head cheerleader and ‘It Girl’ of Twin Rivers high, Addison Parker has her finger on the pulse of all things social. But Addie craves a quiet life.

Or she used to. Before the night Cooper Callahan–the boy of her dreams–died in an accident that changed her life forever. Since then, Addie has pushed her friends away and surrounded herself with new friends and constant activity. It’s safer not to think about the events of that night that had nothing to do with the car accident.

Benched from cheerleading after an injury leaves her on crutches, Addie struggles to fend for herself. Suddenly, she has way too much time on her hands. Time to think about things she’d rather forget.

An unlikely and anonymous online friend becomes her lifeline back to herself. He doesn’t expect anything from her and best of all, he has no idea she’s a broken mess inside. To him, she is just LitGirl, a quiet girl obsessed with books.

But what will BookBoy say when he discovers who she really is?


Since reading The F Word, I’ve been really curious about Julian. After the tragic accident left his twin brother dead, things haven’t been easy. Cooper was always the golden son and he was the one who always messed up. Being the one left behind (after not being able to save his own brother) has been a lot for him! When they look at him, they see Cooper.

Addison is a also a character we’ve seen in the previous books. It’s clear they were all friends at first, but after the accident everything changed. She’s dealing with the aftermath of the accident and a secret nobody knows and that’s she not even clear on. Being a cheerleader has become her life and what her mother thinks she needs to do, but after getting injured, priorities start to change.

“He chuckled to himself thinking what his classmates would say if they knew the truant of Twin Rivers has a thing for sexy love stories.”

Both of them are using Peyton’s No BS app and have found an anonymous friend to lean on. Their love of books keeps them going and talking to each other is something that helps keep them sane. Little do they know who they’re actually talking to. I loved that the love of books what such an important part of this story. In many ways I think books were helping both of them through everything. That’s just how magical books are.

I loved how much Julian grows in this book. He starts letting himself grieve and be okay with surviving. The night his brother died will always be a big thing, but he has as much right to be there as Cooper would. Cooper wasn’t the sweet one everyone thought and that brings a lot of guilt for Julian. It was amazing to see him find his love of books and writing! I loved reading the little bits of the book he was writing!

“Some ideal notion of perfection wasn’t worth her health or self-worth.”

Addison remembers the night that Cooper died as something bad. Things happened that night that she doesn’t even want to admit. She’s upset that he’s gone and she can never confront him about it. On top of that, she’s not really sure anymore that she wants to go to the college her parents want her to. Addison has changed and I love seeing her take control of what she wants. This even leads to an amazing heart to heart with her mother.

On top of amazing character development, we get some romance of course. Julian has always had a crush on Addison, but she was with Cooper. Addison can’t look at Julian without seeing Cooper and remembering that awful night. They slowly start getting close and start healing. The fact that they’re talking to each other online could break them apart? But does it? I loved how this romance wasn’t so easy. There were many obstacles along the way.

“Have you ever thought one thing of yourself and then had it completely challenged?”

The C Word is another emotional journey that shows the impact something horrific like this accident has on people. Things didn’t solve themselves easily and we see the characters trying to find a new normal. They have a lot of healing to do and finding each other made that a little easier. A great ending to this trilogy and I loved that we got to see all the characters as well. These authors touch some sensitive subjects, but in an amazing way.

I’m sad this trilogy is complete, but am very excited that some of the characters I’ve come to love will be getting their own books. It’s going to be very interesting to see what these authors do next!

I loved all the books in this series, but I think this one is my favorite of them all. Not only because of the characters, but their love of books. Have you read any books with characters who love books? Let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for more.

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