Bookish Item | Ranking the Harry Potter Movies

I know it says Bookish Item, and then I put movies in the title but hear me out haha. After doing the Harry Potter books ranking, I also wanted to do a movie ranking. And it seems weird to not have that as a bookish item after that last post. As you might have read in my latest Royal Update, I watched all of the Harry Potter movies and realized I may not have watched all of them before. While it seems unlikely that I didn’t devour the movies like I did the books, there were so many scenes I didn’t recognize that I’m pretty sure I didn’t watch movie 3 through 8 before last week. I really feel like watching them all over again now but I’ll first give you my ranking of the movies!
Obviously there will onceĀ again be spoilers Continue reading “Bookish Item | Ranking the Harry Potter Movies”