Cover Reveal| Cut Loose – Julia Wolf

This author is still pretty new to me, but I read Cut Straight not too long ago. After reading that I was really hoping that we would get books about the other characters. My wish came true! Today is the cover reveal for Cut Loose. The second book in this series. Francisca was hilarious, so I hope she gets a happily ever after.

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Cover Reveal| One Baby Daddy – Meghan Quinn

It’s a busy day on the blog today, because there is a lot of exciting book news. Today I get to help share the cover reveal of One Baby Daddy by Meghan Quinn. So let’s go take a look at the cover and what the book will be about.

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Cover Reveal| More Than Crave You – Shayla Black

After reading More Than Love You, I knew I would want more of this series. So you could say I was very happy to see we are getting another book! We have to wait a bit, but I have a feeling it will be worth the way. Today I get to share the cover with you, so let’s take a look!

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Cover Reveal| Arrogant Devil – R.S. Grey

Today is a busy week for cover reveals. R.S. Grey is an amazing author and her romances have a good combination of sexy and humor. Arrogant Devil will be released next month. If you want to see the cover and read what the book will be about, keep on reading!

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Cover Reveal| An Imperfect Heart – Amie Knight

Today I am here to share the cover of Amie Knight’s next book An Imperfect Heart. I read the first two already and loved them! She is an amazing writer and I have to say this cover fits the first two perfectly!

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Cover Reveal| Mister Tonight – Kendall Ryan

I think Kendall Ryan is a writing machine. She keeps us readers happy with multiple books a year and there is another one on its way. Today I get to share the cover for Mister Right, a new standalone romance that will be released this June.

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Cover Reveal| Keeping 6 – Freya Barker

Last year I read a book by Freya Barker and really enjoyed it. When I saw she was going to release a new book, I wanted to know more. Keeping 6 sounds really interesting and today I am here to help her share the cover to her new book. On top of that there is an excerpt included, so you can see a tiny glimpse of this book.

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Cover Reveal| Bittersweet – Carmen Jenner & Lauren McKellar

I read and reviewed Cake by Carmen Jenner not too long ago and when I read she was releasing a new book with another author, I had to check it out. It sounds really good and definitely like a book for me. So today I am helping them share there cover for this new book.

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Cover Reveal| Three Summers – S.J. Sylvis

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this author, but it was on Instagram. I saw she was working on a book and it sounded really interesting. She was looking for reviewers and some to help with the cover reveal. So today I am here to show you the cover to a book coming soon that sounds really good!

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Cover Reveal| The Wright Duet – K.A. Linde

Earlier this year I read The Wright Secret and loved it. There we get more of a glimpse of Sutton and even only getting a small idea of what she’s been through, makes you want her to get her happily ever after. I was thrilled when I read that she would be getting two books and they will both be released in the same month! Today I get to share the covers these books are getting.

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