Show Sunday | Upcoming 2023 Fall TV Shows I’m Excited For

Summer break is over and fall is coming. And we all know what that means; the fall tv shows are about to premiere! I of course had a look and watched trailers for the new, upcoming shows. And I actually had a lot of shows I want to give a try. So today I’ll share the September and October new tv shows I’m excited for. Let’s jump in!

The Changeling (September 8th)

Set in an alternate New York City, a father and husband searches through a magical world for his abducted son and missing wife.

This trailer starts one way but then goes off in a completely different direction and I’m excited for it! I love stories with fae, with magic, with portals and this one sounds pretty good. The trailer had some beautiful shots in it and I hope the story is just as good.


Still Up (September 22nd)

An impulsive and free-spirited aspiring illustrator whose questions over her daughter’s future start keeping her up at night, and the socially anxious yet gifted journalist Danny.

This sounds like a fun one with probably some hard hitting moments. The trailer already had me laughing and the concept is interesting. I don’t know if this one will hold my attention for a long time but I’m definitely willing to try.


The Irrational (September 25th)

A master of human behavior finally meets his match, whose behavior is unable to predict.

This sounds like my kind of show! It reminds me of shows like The Mentalist, Bull, Lie to Me, that kind of stuff. And those are all shows I really enjoyed. So I have pretty high hopes for this one. The trailer looks good and I’m excited to watch the first episodes.


Gen V (September 29th)

From the world of “The Boys” comes “Gen V,” which explores the first generation of superheroes to know that their super powers are from Compound V. These heroes put their physical and moral boundaries to the test competing for the school’s top ranking.

I really enjoy The Boys (even though I still have to continue as I’m behind) and I like the look of this spin off series. It’s set in the same world and looks just as brutal. But with new characters, and I’ve seen some actors in here I really enjoy. I have a good feeling about this one.


Found (October 3rd)

Each year, over 600,000 people are reported missing in the U.S., but not all cases receive the proper attention. Gabi Mosely and her crisis management team make sure there is always someone looking out for the forgotten missing people.

This one could be a hit or miss for me. It does sound like the kind of show I enjoy and I’m curious about that last part of the trailer, it seems like that could be an interesting kind of twist. But I’m not too sure about the characters yet, we’ll have to wait and see.


Sullivan’s Crossing (October 4th)

Neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan, reconnects with her small-town past after a scandal causes her to leave her professional and personal life behind in the city.

This looks cute and heart warming. Definitely a fall show haha. I’m interested in it and I hope the characters are great because I have a feeling that’s what you’ll stay for. Hopefully it’s a bit like Hart of Dixie, a show I adored with all of my heart!


The Spencer Sisters (October 4th)

Police officer Darby Spencer and her mystery novelist mother Victoria Spencer have opposite personalities but still embark on the unlikeliest of ventures: becoming partners in a private detective agency.

I’m a little on the fence with this one. The trailer already looked like it will be a bit much and pretty ridiculous but maybe it’ll be fun. I will give it a try but I can see this being one I’ll drop soon.


Lessons in Chemistry (October 13th)

Set in the early 1960s, Elizabeth Zott’s dream of being a chemist is put on hold when she finds herself pregnant, alone, and fired from her lab.

This trailer looks great and immediately reminded me that I wanted to read this book haha. So I’m placing it higher on my TBR and hopefully I can read it all before the release date of the show.


This are the new September and October tv shows I’m excited about. It looks like there is a lot coming this fall and I hope these all live up to their potential. Are you excited about any of these shows? Were they on your radar? And do you have any other shows that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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