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Lately Candyce has been showing her Netgalley Backlist in an effort to put those books back on her radar. While we both are quite lucky with getting amazing eARC’s our ratio’s aren’t that great… At the moment mine is 37% and I really want to get it towards 45% by the end of the year. Over two years ago I wrote a blogpost about a part of my backlist and I want to continue that. I’ll warn you now, there will be some older releases in here ;). Let’s take a look!

The Chosen – Taran Matharu

It’s been a couple of years but I met Taran at a bookish event here in the Netherlands and he was such a great guy! I was immediately interested in his first series (and I do own the first book… unread of course haha). This newest series sounds really interesting as well and since the third and last book was released in June I guess I can binge read the series if I enjoy this first one?

Almost Adults – Ali Pantony

This title definitely caught my attention. And the synopsis really spoke to me haha, I related to it so hard! I guess I still do, so I should just give this a try soon. The reviews are pretty decent, nothing super exciting but also not anything too negative.

Lily’s Just Fine – Gill Stewart

To be honest, I’m not sure why I requested this one (it might have been a Read Now). This is not my typical go to read and I don’t think I’ll pick it up anytime soon. But the reviews are pretty decent so I hope I will end up enjoying it once I do read it.

Miracle Creek – Angie Kim

I’m actually quite excited for this one! It’s a courtroom thriller and I read amazing reviews. While I haven’t been reading that many adult thrillers lately, I used to love them and I think this is one I will enjoy a lot!

The Grey Sisters РJo Treggiari

A YA psychological thriller, definitely my genre! The synopsis sounds interesting but I’m not sure I would request this again if I came across it now. I do want to read it since I already have the eARC, but my expectations aren’t super high.

Part of the Family – Charlotte Philby

Another adult thriller! The reviews are all over the place for this one haha. I guess I have to read it and find out for myself if this is one I might enjoy. The synopsis is very generic and sounds like any other thriller out there.

The Orphanage of Gods – Helena Coggan

This title is definitely what drew me in! I thought the book sounded good and I remember being intrigued by the synopsis. The reviews however…. Are not great, and that’s an understatement haha. I will give it a try but my hopes aren’t high….

Reverie – Ryan La Sala

I remember a lot of people were excited for this release and I was very happy to get an eARC. However, I also thought it wasn’t living up to the expectations for a lot of people. The Goodreads rating is a 3.44 so it’s not bad and I will try it. Just not sure where this is going haha.

Those are 8 of the eARC’s I have on my Netgalley Backlist. Hopefully this will help me pick up some of the sooner ;). Let’s get that ratio up!

5 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Isabelle’s Netgalley Backlist II

    1. It’s so hard to get it down haha, whenever I finish a book, I get 3 new ones haha

  1. Reverie had some highs and some definite lows for me. I got it as part of the library’s One Big Read promotion, where they had unlimited digital copies available for everyone to read it at once. I am looking forward to getting to the author’s next book, which promises less fantasy, but more romance – and clothing design! Hope you enjoy!

    1. That is such a fun concept! I’m planning on going in with low expectations, hopefully that way I will end up enjoying it ;). Hope you enjoy the next book by Ryan!

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