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If you’ve been following the blog, you know I’m a big fan of LJ Evans’ books. She makes me really connect with her characters and I definitely keep thinking about her books when done reading. Branded by a Song is her newest release. I’ve really had to think about how to put my thoughts into words, because I loved this book so much. Keep on reading to find out more!

A big thanks to the author for providing me with an e-arc to read and review!

Has this country-rock legend finally met his match? A woman who can fill the aching void for “more” that’s been missing from his life?

Brady O’Neil tells the world he’s temporarily returning to upstate New York to help his sister. While it’s the truth, he’s also searching for the soul his music has lost. Certain his childhood mentor can help, he seeks her out and finds a woman trapped in the past instead. A woman who makes him want to stay like he never has before.

Losing her grandmother feels like yet another blow the world has dealt Cari. Keeping the music store and her daughter afloat is all she can focus on, and Grams’ beloved student sauntering in doesn’t change anything. He’s just another adventure she can’t afford.

Conceding that Brady holds the solution to her troubles doesn’t mean he can have her heart. After all, she buried that bruised organ alongside her husband years ago.

Can Brady convince her that hearts aren’t limited to just one love song?

“We would be art. We would be paint and chords blended together.”


“We would be art. We would be paint and chords blended together.”

Branded by a Song is a book that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. Once again LJ Evans sucked me into her book and it just won’t let my heart go. I actually finished this book quite some time ago, but I don’t think any review can ever do it justice. This book had me laughing, crying and even though I didn’t want to put it down I also wanted to savor every minute.

Brady is a character we’ve already met a few times and I’ve always been interested in his story. I really feel like we didn’t know Brady before Branded by a Song. He’s definitely not just a famous singer, but so much more. Music has always been a big part of his life and I think he needed it more than anyone realized. His family hasn’t always made things easy for him and kind of punish him for following his heart and going after his dream. This clearly affected him more than he realizes and I loved how that was explored and how it developed. Brady would give the world to everyone he loves, so it was nice seeing him getting what he gives.

Cari (this isn’t the name of his love interest, but it’s nice to keep her identity a bit of a surprise for the readers that have read previous books) is another amazing character. We met her in a previous story and my heart broke for her and I was hoping she’d get her own happily ever after. This is another character who wants to give the world to everyone she loves, but who has also had to deal with more loss in ways that no one should have to. To even think about opening up her heart again was such a big deal. I loved seeing Cari slowly bring down her walls and let herself feel again. Cari is a strong, stubborn and such a brave character! Her little girl also stole my heart and hopefully LJ will give her a story when she’s all grown up!

“You’re doing something for me. You’re filling in all these gaps in my soul I could never see before but always felt. Emptiness. When I’m with you, all the holes go away, and all I feel is complete.”

Branded by a Song has an amazing romance that you see developing as you read. It was interesting to see these characters fight for it, even though all the odds were against them. Being a famous musician definitely adds some extra pressure, especially when paparazzi gets involved. The pacing and everything about this romance was perfect! My only complaint is that I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of these characters. The epilogue really was the cherry on top. I couldn’t stop smiling after reading it.

Also, we get to see some characters we’ve come to love along the way. It’s always fun seeing them incorporated into the story. We also get some new side characters that definitely have a special place in my heart. Brady’s sister, but also his security. They made me laugh. LJ Evans also did an amazing job of choosing some amazing music and lyrics for each of these chapters. That’s still my favorite thing about her books. I always have the playlist playing while reading. It adds an extra experience to reading her stories.

I won’t be forgetting this book at all. Branded by a Song had me laughing, crying and it ended giving me a warm feeling inside. Everything I need in a book! I can’t wait for this author to give us another book.


LJ Evans really did it again. If you’re a fan of music, amazing characters, all the feels, romance and more I definitely recommend picking up this book by LJ Evans. Then again, I recommend all of her books!

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  1. Good to hear you enjoyed this. I’ve often wondered how romance series stretched so far when each book usually ends in happily ever after – exploring side characters is a great technique. Definitely have to seek this one out.

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