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I’ve shared it before, but for those of you that didn’t know it yet, I really enjoy listening to podcasts. My most listened to podcasts are true crime ones, but there are some other ones in there as well. I shared my favourite podcasts in two posts, one all about true crime, and one with a bit of everything. Today I want to share some podcasts I’ve been listening to recently that I really like. Let’s jump in!

Something Was Wrong

This is my most recent podcast ‘find’. Crime Junkie did one episode about a case they found on Something Was Wrong and because I loved that episode and the update I figured I would check out this podcast. And I love it! The first season is all about one ‘case’ that we deep dive into. I really like the way we learn more and more and I can’t wait to find out how it ends!

Southern Gal Reads

This is a bookish podcast! I actually mentioned this one in my last royal update and that was were I got the idea for this post. Weezie talks about books she read, books she wants to read and books she got. I love her voice so much! The episodes are pretty short so it’s nice to listen to them on short trips or when you just have a bit of time left before you have to do something.

Red Collar

Red Collar is about white collar criminals that commit murder, turning the white collar crimes into red collar crimes. This is so interesting! I love listening to the stories but also to the facts about red collar criminals in general. There are 13 episodes out so far and I still have to listen to 5,5 more. I can’t wait to find out what the next cases are about.

Veronica Mars Investigations

I don’t say this enough, but Veronica Mars is one my absolute favorite tv shows ever. Before we get the new season I rewatched everything and I stilled loved it so much. LoVe forever ;). I discovered this Veronica Mars podcast, I believe because one of the hosts was on Potterless and I’m enjoying it a lot. The two hosts watch an episode and discuss it in detail without giving spoilers for the rest of the series. I’ve been rewatching the show before listening to the episodes and it’s great! Highly recommend it for VM fans and for anyone who might want to check the amazing tvshow out.

These are 4 of the podcasts I’ve been listening to recently! Had you heard of them before? And do you listen to podcasts regularly? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday | Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to Recently

  1. Whenever I read podcast recs, I always wish I were more into them! I’ve literally only listened to two. Ever. I don’t know about the crime podcasts, but the Veronica Mars one sounds good enough to try! 🙂

    1. I’ve only gotten into them in the last year and a half or so. I can totally see why it wouldn’t be for some people but I do hope you end up enjoying the Veronica Mars one if you do start listening to it!

  2. I love podcasts! Crime Junkie is one of my favorites. I started Something Was Wrong, but I need to finish it once I’m caught up on Crime Junkie.

    1. Crime Junkie is so good! Definitely one of my favourites as well, but I like to listen to same with solved cases because I despair a bit with all those unsolved ones on Crime Junkie haha

    1. I’m happy to hear that! Hope you enjoy listening to Weezie as much as I do <3

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