Bookhaul | August 2020

This year is going by so fast! Summer is basically over so it’s time for our August Bookhaul. This year we haven’t been buying as much books as we did the previous years. But did we keep that up in August? Keep reading our August bookhaul to find out!


The past few months have been nuts with new books. I was a good girl this month, haha. I added four books to my collection. I’m pretty proud of myself. Christmas is around the corner and I need to save some books for wishlists!

The House of the Cerulean Sea – TJ Klune

As you know, I’m a moderator of the TBR and Beyond Book Club. In September one of our group reads is The House of the Cerulean Sea. The cover is gorgeous and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things! I can’t wait to read this in September.

Seven Devils – Elizabeth May & Laura Lam

I started getting a subscription of the Illumicrate boxes, because I’ve really become a fan of their special editions. The July box had Seven Devils as the book of the month. I love this edition and I’ve started enjoying sci-fi more, so this seems like one I need to read soon.

Cinderella is Dead – Kalynn Bayron

I’m a big fan of retellings and haven’t read a Cinderella retelling yet. Cinderella is Dead is a new retelling and sounds really good. I have a feeling once I start this one I won’t stop.

Bookish and the Beast – Ashley Poston

Geekerella is one of my favorites and I enjoyed the world so much. Bookish and the Beast is the third book in this world. I love the title and it sounds like another amazing story. I still have to finish reading The Princess and the Fangirl, but I will get to this one soon!


I didn’t buy any books this month! School is starting tomorrow so I had to buy a bunch of schoolbooks and they are EXPENSIVE haha. So no new nice books for me. Hopefully I can buy a couple of new books next month, but I’ll admit I have more than enough to read at home haha.

Did you add any new books to your collection this month? Let us know in the comments down below!

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