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I love Meghan Quinn, because she gives us books that can be emotional, but also really funny. I’m a bit behind on the Getting Lucky series, but really enjoyed That Forever Girl. This week the last book in this series released, That Swoony Feeling. I can’t tell you how much I loved this book. My face hurt from smiling so much. Keep on reading to find out more about this book!

A big thanks to Meghan Quinn for providing me with an ARC to read and review.

USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn brings more humor and heart with the fourth novel of her Getting Lucky series: a story about breaking curses and finally finding that swoony feeling.

I’m single . . . so single it’s painful.

Yup, ladies, Brig Knightly–that’s me–is still a lonely bachelor, stumbling through the streets of Port Snow, looking for the girl he’s supposed to end up with.

That is until my brother, Rogan, presents me with the opportunity of a lifetime. The Summer of Love, a secret pen pal program in Port Snow is looking for applicants and I’m the perfect fit.

I couldn’t sign up fast enough.

I found myself quickly falling in love with a pair of red lips at the bottom of a letter. Just like in the movies . . .

Life could not have been better, that was until I started hanging out with Ruth Barber. Starting a new business right next to my shop, I found myself gravitating toward her. Her smile, her humor . . . her tea sandwiches.

My attraction for Ruth came in full force, leaving me dazed, confused, and ahem excited.

As new feelings for two women come to a screeching halt, I have to figure out who to choose. But when I discover my pen pal is Ruth, it might be too late.

All I want in life is to experience that swoony feeling . . . but I think I might have just missed my chance.


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That Swoony Feeling is a book that will make you swoon. Meghan Quinn did it again with this book that takes place in the perfect small town. I laughed, cried and got frustrated with these characters. When that happens, I can say for sure it’s an amazing book! If I could I would move to Port Snow. The way this small town is described makes me feel welcome and like I’m there with all of the characters. I’ll definitely be reading this again in the future.

Our main character Brig is still a bachelor and is afraid he’ll stay that way after he’s cursed on a trip with his brothers. When things happens in their love lives, it makes him think there really is a curse. All he wants is to settle down with a woman he loves. Brig is so much fun. He has a heart of gold and couldn’t care more if he tried. I think he’s my favorite brother, but definitely the most frustrating one. I just wanted to yell at him to open his eyes at times, but this was definitely an interesting journey. Which made me love his journey even more in the end.

Ruth was definitely an interesting match for Brig. She knows what loss is all too well and through herself into her work. She’s really successful, but I just wanted to see her let herself feel something again and find some happiness. I loved seeing her open up and become the sassy and feisty person she really is. Just like Brig, Ruth was one that really deserved a happily ever after.

I think my favorite part about That Swoony Feeling is the secret pen pal letters that were written. It was fun to read and realize how clueless Brig was at times, haha. The romance didn’t go really fast and I can appreciate a slow burn, because I loved seeing these two characters get to know each other. We get some steamy and swoony scenes later on that make up for them taking their time getting there.

Meghan Quinn always knows how to make me smile and I don’t think I’ll be forgetting about That Swoony Feeling anytime soon!


About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

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If you’re looking for a pick me up or just an amazing romance that will make you smile, definitely pick up That Swoony Feeling. You will definitely swoon! I can’t wait to read what Meghan gives us next!

2 thoughts on “Review| That Swoony Feeling – Meghan Quinn

  1. Hi Candyce & Isabelle, just found your blog, and I can’t wait to talk books with you guys. I’m a huge romance reader and read some YA too. Also, I need to read more by Meghan Quinn, I loved her Co-Wrecker but haven’t read anything since. Need to change that. 😀

    ~ Corina | The Brown Eyed Bookworm

  2. I was hesitant about reading this and I really wasn’t going to because I read That Second Chance and it was just “eh…” Since you quintuple-crowned it, it stayed in the back of my mind and I really wanted to know if it was worthy of the honor you bestowed it. I read it for the Tropeical Readathon and I must hail you correct. I know you wrote that the letters were probably your favorite but I have to admit that the letters were a bit on the cringey side for me mostly because I swear I could hear Brig saying all those things and it kind of made my fingers curl. (HAHAHA). I think what I loved most, and even from the previous book, is the text messages between the siblings.

    The book was good and I ended up really liking it, so much more than That Second Chance. It was nice to read about a guy in love with the idea of being in love, even if he was completely clueless when someone was in love with him. It was sweet.

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