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Melissa from Melissasfandomworld tagged us for this book tag! Candyce actually already did this one a while ago so I decided to do it this time around. This was a pretty easy tag to do but it was fun talking about some of my reading habits! Let’s dive into the questions.

How many book do you usually read at once?

I usually read at least 3 books at once! Since I discovered audiobooks, I have been listening to one almost all the time. I also have a physical book that I will be reading. And then there’s an ebook I will be in the middle of. I think it’s just great to always have a book with me, since I read ebook on my phone. Audiobooks are my go-to when I also have to do something else, but something that doesn’t require headspace like showering for example! I will admit I am usually reading multiple ebook and physical books, especially when I’m a part of one or more buddy reads haha.

How do you decided to switch between multiple reads?

Sometimes I switch based on my mood. But usually it also has to do with opportunity. I listen to an audiobook when that is the only option. Ebooks are easy to read just before I fall asleep or when I’m not at home and I didn’t bring a physical book. And then my physical book is for home or when I’m on the train or something. A lot of the physical books I read are also part of buddy reads so sometimes there’s a schedule and after reading the assigned pages I’ll switch to another book.

Do you ever switch bookmarks partway through a book?

I don’t think I switch actual bookmarks but I do use a lot of weird stuff as a bookmark and I will switch them. For example I’ll use a bulky piece of paper and switch to a receipt and then maybe switch to any of the 100 fancy bookmarks I have haha.

Where do you keep the books you’re currently reading?

Next to my bed haha. I usually read in my bed so I have a whole pile of books there. Some I’m currently reading, others I want to pick up soon and some I abandoned for a while haha.

What time of day do you read the most?

I think I read the most in the evening. But I also read in the morning if I don’t have anything to do or during the day. It all depends on my schedule and my mood haha. Whenever I’m reading a book I LOVE and I’m completely emerged in, I will read every single free moment. And I will be late to appointments because I thought I could read a couple more pages haha.

How long do you typically read in one session?

I think that really differs and I don’t think I have a typical amount of time. Sometimes I’m tired and I only read for a bit, other times I read for hours on end. I depends on my free time, my mood and the book I’m reading.

Do you read hardbacks with the dust jacket off?

YES! How can you possibly read a hardback with the dust jacket on haha. I will admit I used to do just that and now I can’t imagine why I ever did it haha.

What position do you mainly use to read?

I guess sitting on my bed with two pillows against my back. Does that description make sense?

Do you take your current read with you everywhere you go?

I take my ebooks everywhere I go 😉 But I only take my physical read with me if I think I will be able to read it for a bit. Sometimes I don’t end up reading it but I do like having a book with me at all times.

How often do you update your Goodreads reading progress?

Hardly ever haha. I do update finishing a book but I usually don’t ever put a book on currently reading until I’m quite a bit into it. When I’m reading and I have a feeling I want to put down somewhere I might update my Goodreads reading progress but it doesn’t happen often.

And that was the Currently Reading Book Tag! It was fun talking about some of my reading habits! Do you read multiple books at once? And do you often update your Goodreads reading progress? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  1. I’m the same as you! I usually read three books at a time, one in each format haha. And I switch between them when it makes the most sense to be reading that type, unless I get super sucked into one and then I don’t switch at all 😀 Great answers!

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