Review| Lethal Queen Bee – Emily Kamierski

Not too long ago I reviewed the book Deadly First Day and instantly became a fan! The sequel, Lethal Queen Bee, recently released. The author was really sweet and sent me an e-arc to read and review! A big thanks to her for that! Today I want to tell you what I thought of the next book in the Embassy Academy series.

Review| Lethal Queen Bee – Emily Kamierski

Who says politics, murder, and a fake boyfriend don’t mix?
I’ve spent the past three years watching my step father groom my brother for the position I crave. Heir apparent to his political legacy. So can you blame me for breaking my own rules and getting a little buzzed at yet another campaign dinner?
I’m fine. Really.
Until the “animal” I ran over on my way back to school turns out to be my Calculus teacher. A guy with whom I might have a shady history. No comment.
If the police pin his murder on me, all my political aspirations will go up in smoke. And what’s worse, I need the help of the school’s resident playboy, a guy I can’t stand, to prove my innocence. So what if he tricks me into fake dating? It’s nothing I can’t handle.
Embassy Academy: Lethal Queen Bee is a young adult hate to love romantic thriller, and the second in the trilogy.

Lethal Queen Bee (Embassy Academy, #2) by Emily Kazmierski
Published by Emily Kazmierski on 27/04/2020
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 284
Format: ARC


“What kind of monster am I that I feel relief at another person’s demise?”

Even though I was kind of disappointed at first that this book would be told from Charlotte’s POV (I got really attached to Adrienne after Deadly First Day), Lethal Queen Bee pulled me in from the start and I loved learning about Charlotte. This book had a lot of things I love: mystery, romance, friendship, humor and a cast of characters I’ve really come to love.

A professor that we know wasn’t the best influence is murdered at the beginning of the book and the big question is, who did it? While reading Deadly First Day, I figured out who was behind everything before the big reveal. That was not the case with Lethal Queen Bee! I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure it out and the author had me anxiously trying to figure it out. Every time I thought I knew, there would be some twist or event that would make me rethink everything. I love when books keep me guessing!

“Man, I love how beautiful heels make me feel. And liberated. Like yes I am wearing six inch heels, and yes I am powerful, intelligent, magnificent woman. Thank you very much.”

Charlotte is an interesting character. In the previous book it was already clear that she was more than just a popular student. She was really trying to catch her father’s attention, because she really wants a career in politics and he doesn’t seem to realize this. I have to say that Charlotte did annoy me at times by hiding things or not accepting the help her close friends and family were offering, but I understand that she felt the need to solve it on her own. I do feel like she really grew in this book though. Charlotte is a strong and independent person who fights for what she wants. I loved seeing her let her walls down during this book and opening up!

Also, don’t get me started about Ricardo. The fake relationship trope is one of my favorites and I loved Ricardo in Deadly First Day. He has a big mouth and flirts like his life depends on it, but in this book we learn more about him and I could definitely understand why he acts the way he does. To me he’s just a big teddy bear that wants to protect the people he cares for. I have to say that’s my favorite.

“Girls are so focused on being polite sometimes that it’s a stumbling block to getting stuff done. Not me. Results now, apologies later should be my motto.”

Charlotte and Ricardo are a very interesting combination and they definitely made me smile. I loved how it wasn’t love from the start, but we really saw their feelings grow! That’s my favorite to read about. On top of the mystery and relationship, we got to see the characters we met in the previous book. After getting attached to Adrienne, that made me very happy! All in all, this was such a fun book and I can’t wait for the third one!!

I loved this book and I can’t wait to get my hands on the third book! I highly recommend this series. What are your favorite mysteries/thrillers? Let me know in the comments!

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