Bookish Item | Magical Readathon 2020 TBR – Part 2

Last week Candyce shared her TBR for this year’s edition of the Magical Readathon. And today is my turn! G from Book Roast puts so much effort in this readathon and it’s probably my favorite readathon out there.

The idea of this readathon is to sit your O.W.L.’s. And to help you pick which O.W.L.’s (and N.E.W.T.’s in the next readathon) you should ‘study’ for, G created a Wizarding Careers Guide Book. You pick a career (and possibly an extra training) and it tells you which O.W.L.’s and N.E.W.T.’s you need for it. So let’s see which career I picked!


When I was younger I wanted to either work in a zoo or become a marine biologist. I went in a very different direction so it seems fitting to pick a career in that field in this readathon! To become a magizoologist I need the following O.W.L.’s:

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Charms
  • Herbology
  • Potions

In addition to this career I think there are two trainings I would like to try to complete as well.

Dragon Tamer Training

This training fits my chosen career perfectly! And who knows, I might run into Charlie Weasley in Romania ;). Fingers crossed!

  • Do extra research on dragons

Merpeople Linguistics

I think it would be very helpful to speak the language of merpeople. There are some incredible underwater magical creatures and if I can talk to merpeople, they might be able to help me locate and care for those magical creatures.

  • Herbology


I think this career and the two trainings I chose will be pretty doable for me. The last two months I haven’t been reading that much but 5 books in one month should be doable! For every prompt I also  have 1 (or 3) alternatives because I never know what I’ll be in the mood for.

Care of Magical Creatures –
creature with a beak on the cover

As soon as I saw this prompt I thought of this one. I did take a quick look in the recommendations list and saw some good alternatives. But I think it will be a good reason to pick this one up. I love the Raven Boys and I hope this one lives up to my expectations.

Alternatives: House of Earth and Blood or Godblind

Charms –
White cover

For this one I also looked at the recommendations list (and a quick peek in my color coordinated book case). As soon as I saw Godsgrave (one of my TTT books last Tuesday) I knew that was probably my best pick. I loved Nevernight and I’m pretty sure I’ll love this one as well.

Alternative: Sadie

Herbology –
Title starts with an M

Okay that recommendations list was just a really easy way to pick books haha. And when I saw this one I had a good excuse to finally order it. I’ve heard amazing things about it and de hardcover was only €12,99. Sometimes you have to be kind to yourself and order some books 😉

Alternatives: Middlewest or The Martian or The Magic Misfits 2

Potions –
Book under 150 pages

This was the first recommendation I saw in the list and it’s one of my wishlist. I’ve heard some amazing things about this short story and I immediately ordered it haha. There or a couple of unread comics on my shelves I could’ve picked but I’m just using this readathon as an excuse to get this one haha.

Alternative: Scales & Scoundrels vol 2

Do extra research on dragons –
Read a book with dragons

While I just ordered a dragon book I also took a peek at a ‘best dragon books’-list on Goodreads. And that when I came across The Black Witch. I didn’t know this one had anything to do with dragons. But Candyce confirmed that there is a dragon at some point haha. I have her copy at home and this seems like the perfect moment to finally read it!

Alternative: Priory of the Orange Tree

What do you think of my picks? Do you think they’re any good, or should I go with the alternatives? And are you participating in this readathon? Come talk to me in the comments!

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