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After reading Cub, I was really excited when Algonquin approached me again to see if I wanted to be on the blog tour for Don’t Check Out This Book. It sounded really good, so I had to say yes.Today is my day on the blog tour, so let’s talk about what I thought of this middle grade book.

A big thanks to Algonquin Young Readers for providing me with an ARC on Netgalley!

Consider the facts:
Appleton Elementary School has a new librarian named Rita B. Danjerous. (Say it fast.)
Principal Noah Memree barely remembers hiring her.
Ten-year-old Reid Durr is staying up way too late reading a book from Ms. Danjerous’s controversial “green dot” collection.
The new school board president has mandated a student dress code that includes white gloves and bow ties available only at her shop.

Sound strange? Fret not. Appleton’s fifth-grade sleuths are following the money, embracing the punny, and determined to the get to the funniest, most rotten core of their town’s juiciest scandal. Don’t miss this seedy saga from the creators of the award-winning Three-Ring Rascals and 43 Old Cemetery Road series!


The unique format was the first things that caught my eye with this book. Don’t Check Out This Book is told through e-mails, text messages, written notes and newspaper articles! I really enjoyed that each aspect was unique and looked really cute. The few illustrations throughout the book were a really nice touch. It’s simple, but it really works!

Don’t Check Out This Book! is a cute and fun book filled with a lot of puns that made me laugh. I especially love the names that were definitely chosen carefully (Rita B. Danjerous, May B Danjerous, Reid Durr, Ivana Beprawpa) and fit this story. Even though it took me a bit to realize they were puns, haha.

Rita is the new librarian in a small town and starts a library. Her “green dot books” have been getting popular and have students staying up past their bed time! It’s even greater when the adults start joining in. Our “villain” Ivana Beprawpa isn’t having this and tries to stop everyone from not being proper citizens.

Don’t Check Out This Book! is an introduction to more serious subjects as censorship, banned books and even corruption. I loved how the right to read and the joy of it was very clear. At times though this book felt a bit too serious for this age group. Also, the beginning was a bit abrupt and I felt like I needed just a little more backstory. All in all, this was a really fast and fun read. I think children will enjoy this book!

About the Authors

Kate Klise is the award-winning author of more than 30 books for young readers, many of which are illustrated by her sister, M. Sarah Klise. On her way to becoming an author, Kate Klise worked as a babysitter, waitress, ice-skating instructor, and rosebush pruner. She was also a journalist and spent 15 years reporting for People magazine. When she’s not working on a new book, she enjoys traveling around the country, sharing her best writing tips and tricks with aspiring authors of all ages.

M. Sarah Klise has always had a fondness for creating colorful book reports, which began in elementary school with yarn-bound volumes on states and countries. In college, she enjoyed writing heavily illustrated letters home to her mother. Years later, she still does variations of all that when she illustrates books for young readers. She also teaches art classes in Berkley, CA.

I love that Don’t Check Out This Book children are introduced to more serious subjects in a fun way! It’s great to see authors doing this. The format was a lot of fun and I’m curious to see what they’ll do next.

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