Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases March 2020

We’re becoming a broken record, but another month has just gone by way too fast! How are we already looking at March releases? March tends to be a pretty big release month, so let’s take a look at our anticipated releases for March 2020!

Chain of Gold – Cassandra Clare (March 3rd)

Chain of Gold has been one of our most anticipated releases for awhile and it’s almost here!! This is a kind of spin off of The Infernal Devices. It’s my favorite trilogy in the Shadowhunter world and I’m so excited!!

House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J. Maas (March 3rd)

I wrote a Can’t Wait Wednesday post about this one last week, so there’s no way any of you can be surprised about this one haha. Sarah J. Maas wrote one of my absolute favorite series ever and I’m super excited for the start of her newest adult fantasy series.

Moment of Truth – Kasie West (March 3rd)

There have been a lot of different titles for this one but it seems like they’ve gone with Moment of Truth. I have to admit, that title doesn’t seem that exciting to me. But it’s a Kasie West, and I do really enjoy her contemporaries. They’re sweet, fun and cute!

Only Mostly Devastated – Sophie Gonzalez (March 3rd)

This was put on my list as soon as I saw it being pitched as SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA meets CLUELESS in this boy-meets-boy spin on Grease. I didn’t need to know anything else after reading that. Only Mostly Devestated is a lot of my favorite things in one book!

Wicked As You Wish – Rin Chupeco (March 3rd)

Okay, after reading the synopsis I’m still not completely sure what this book is about. And I see a lot of DNF reviews. But, I’ve heard so many great things about Rin Chupeco and I just want to try some of her work!

Bone Crier’s Moon – Kathryn Purdie (March 3rd)

A coven of women who ferry the dead to the afterlife, that alone makes me want to read the book so bad! But they also have to sacrifice their true love! Cue all the drama haha. Let’s hope this is pretty dark 😉

The Kingdom of Back – Marie Lu (March 3rd)

Mozart and his sister combined with a magical stranger (who sounds like Fae). This sounds really cool to me! I also adore the cover. Marie Lu has surprised me before so let’s hope she does it again.

Snotgirl vol 3: Is This Real Life? – Bryan Lee O’Malley (March 3rd)

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue the series. The covers of these graphic novels are amazing, but the story is a bit all over the place. I’m still somewhat interested but I might wait until I can get this for a better price.

Eight Perfect Murders – Peter Swanson (March 3rd)

I don’t read that many adult thrillers anymore, but this sounds like a really cool one. A bookseller composed a list of fiction’s most ingenious murders. He soon finds himself in the middle of an FBI investigation after some unsolvable murders seem to follow his list. This sounds like my kind of thriller!

The Midnight Lie – Marie Rutkoski (March 3rd)

The Midnight Lie takes place in the same world as this author’s Winner’s Trilogy. That is a trilogy that’s been on my TBR for quite some time and I will need to read it before The Midnight Lie. This book sounds really good though, so I couldn’t resist it when I saw it on Netgalley!

Be Not Far from Me – Mindy McGinnis (March 3rd)

I have yet to read a book by Mindy McGinnis, but I keep hearing she’s the type of author that breaks your heart. Those are the kind I tend to love, so I really need to give a book a try. Her next release, Be Not Far from Me sounds really good. Survival stories aren’t something I’ve read a lot of, so I definitely need to give this one a go!

Witches of Ash and Ruin – E. Latimer (March 3rd)

We seem to be getting a lot of books with witches year and I’m loving it! Also, Witches of Ash and Ruin is recommended for fans of Shades of Magic by V.E.Schwab and that had me sold. I also love seeing that mental healt will also be playing a big part in this story.

The Love Hypothesis – Laura Steven (March 5th)

Both of us have been a big fan of Laura Steven since we read The Exact Opposite of Okay. The Love Hypothesis sounds like another amazing story! I hope her sarcasm and personality are as clear in this book as her others.

Undercover Bromance – Lyssa Kay Adams (March 10th)

After loving The Bromance Book Club I’ve been wanting the sequel in my hands. This month is finally release day and I will be picking this up straight away!! I really hope that this author doesn’t stop writing this series for a long time.

The Blackbird Girls – Anne Blankman (March 10th)

This MG story has gotten some great reviews so far. It starts off with the Chernobyl reactor disaster and focusses on friendship. I love MG for that friendship focus! And I haven’t read anything that has to do with Chernobyl, but I’m interested!

All Your Twisted Secrets – Diana Urban (March 17th)

I keep saying I need to read more thrillers and All Your Secrets seems like one that needs to be read. I can’t imagine being invited to a dinner, but then being locked up and having to pick someone to kill. I really hope this book keeps me on the edge of my seat!

Super Adjacent – Crystal Cestari (March 17th)

I love all things superheroes and this sounds like a book that I’ll love. Add a little romance and you definitely make me a happy reader. Early reviews have been mixed, so I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy it anyways.

The Lost Legends – Cait Marie (March 18th)

This is a TBR and Beyond members debut novel! And it’s a Tangled x Robin Hood retelling with pirates. Sounds pretty cool right? There are also immortal warriors cursed and bound to a deck of tarot cards. Yes please!

These are all of the books we’re looking forward to in March! This isn’t good for our bank account or shelf space, haha. What books are on your list? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday | Anticipated Releases March 2020

  1. I love posts like these, it’s such an awesome list, the ones I didn’t already have on my TBR have been added, so now it’s even longer, but those are some awesome anticipated books! xx

    1. Haha these lists are both amazing and very dangerous haha. I want allll of these right now 😉 Happy we could help grow your TBR though!

    1. That’s basically our goal haha, get you all to add as much books as we add to our wishlist 😉

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