Review| Warrior Blue – Kelsey Kingsley

I’m going to start sounding like a broken record when it comes to writing my reviews for Kelsey Kingsley’s books. She is such an amazing writer and really sucks you in her stories. I’ve come to care about all of the characters she’s written about. All of her books have been amazing, but the last few have stood out even more (The Life We Wanted, Tell Me Goodnight, Forget the Stars). Her newest release, Warrior Blue,came out a week ago and I needed this time to be able to write this review.

A big thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC to read and review!

Blake Carson can’t afford to have a life. Between working full-time as a tattoo artist and caring for his disabled twin brother Jacob, his plate is more than full – and he prefers it that way.

But his meticulous planning is turned on its head when he meets the upbeat and beautiful Audrey Wright and her butterfly tattoo.

Now, through a complicated maze of coincidence and fate, Blake begins to question if maybe there could be more to his life than just work and Jacob.

That is, if the guilt doesn’t eat him alive first.

With the help of Dr. Vanessa Travetti and a girl he doesn’t think he deserves, can Blake convince himself that even the bad guy deserves a happy ending?



“Guarded. What a perfect word to describe something so far from perfect.”

I think I’ve said this every time after reading one of Kelsey Kingsley’s books, but Warrior Blue really is my favorite. Warrior Blue pulled me in and didn’t let me go until I read the last page. This book made me laugh, cry, be angry and I was sad when it’s over.

If you’re looking for a typical romance, Warrior Blue, isn’t the book you’re looking for. This book is so much more. It’s unconditional love, grief, family and believing you deserve more in life. Romance is only one small part of this story.

“She really was a flower, beautiful and seemingly untouched by the ugliness this world could offer.”

Blake is a tattoo artist that is holding the whole world on his shoulders. Years ago, Blake’s twin, Jake was in an accident and suffered a brain injury. This changed Blake’s life in many ways and he feels responsible for everything that happens. One of Blake’s ways of thinking, is Jake can’t have the life he deserved, so why should I? From the start I just wanted to hug Blake and tell him it was okay. There was so much for him in life, but he wouldn’t let himself believe it was for him.

Audrey walks into the shop Blake works at and requests a tattoo. That’s the start of something new for him. This tattoo is going to flip both of their worlds upside down. I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason and this author showed us that frequently in this book. Certain things are meant to happen and come into your life just in time and I think Audrey was this for Blake.

“Your words are your heart, and it’s broken, but it’s not ugly. You’re not ugly.”

Normally with books like Warrior Blue, I need to have the perspective of both characters, but this one really was Blake’s book. Audrey was important, but I didn’t miss looking at everything from her side. She was Blake’s angel in many ways. I loved seeing them get to know each other and how it really started opening Blake up. That and his sessions with his therapist, really made him start thinking. Could he still have a good life and be happy and be there for Jake? Should he be allowed to be happy? Blake opens himself up and my heart broke for him so many times.

Warrior Blue is filled with so many emotions, I’m having a hard time putting it all into words. I really think this is a book you need to read for yourself and feel all the feels. This book really makes you think about signs life gives you and how everything can change when one little thing happens. There is also some amazing poetry and little cameos from a few characters we know from previous stories! I couldn’t recommend this book enough!

My favorite part of her stories is the fact that the characters always seem real. They’re not perfect and would never say they are. What was the last book that really made you connect with the characters?

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