Review| Squad Goals: Hot by Halloween – M.F. Lorson & Jessica Bucher

Both of these authors have already written some fun books and I was excited to see them working together. Squad Goals: Hot by Halloween is the first book in this series. As a fan of contemporary books and getting closer to Halloween, I needed this book. A big thanks to the authors for providing me with an ARC to read and review!

Summer may be over, but she’s ready to bring the heat.

When her boyfriend shattered her universe last spring, Addy convinced herself that if only she were a little hotter, then she could have kept him. Which is why her senior year goal is to get revenge.

Step one: Join the swim team and get seriously fit.
Step two: Find some gorgeous new arm candy to take to ex’s big Halloween party and make him crazy with jealousy.
Step three: Try not to fall super hard for said arm candy.

Gray Turner is a California transplant with goals of his own: get the swim team to regionals, get the scholarship he needs, and get out of this town. Too bad some girl with zero swim skills just joined the team. Private lessons seem like a good idea…until lessons start to feel like something more.

Addy and Gray started the season with specific plans, but falling for one another wasn’t one of them.


“If those abs existed, then maybe Hogwarts was a real place and unicorns lived on the far side of South Dakota.”

At first when I read the summary of the book, I was afraid that the story would be too focused on the “being hot” aspect of the story. That wasn’t the case at all! I actually really enjoyed these characters and the story was so much more!

Our main character Addy is still trying to get over her ex-boyfriend. After being together for two years, it’s hard. Her squad has a habit of setting goals for every school year. I really loved this idea and it was fun reading about the goals they had in the past. It’s great seeing friends keep a tradition going like that. Even if the goals could be a bit out there at times, haha. Addy wants to make her ex jealous by getting hot before Halloween and finding someone to make him jealous with.

I think my favorite part of her friendship with Lucy in Nora is how from the start they told her she was already hot. They supported her goals, but told her multiple times from the beginning that she was already hot. Friendships like this are really important and it was nice to see that in Squad Goals.

Gray just moved from California and it’s important to him to have a good spot on the swimming team. It’s really important to him and his only way to really pay for his dream college. He’s been through a lot so he’s a bit distant when first starting school and is only focused on swimming and getting a scout to see him.

“Maybe this was what it was supposed to be like, friendship and attraction mixed together so you didn’t know if you liked the person because of the way they made you feel or because of the swoony, fluttery things that happened in your stomach when you looked at them.”

This book is filled with humor, sweet moments and it’s a fast and fun read. These characters feel genuine. Even though this book is predictable, that’s not a bad thing. I loved seeing Gray and Addy grow closer even when it goes with some bumps in the road. Their connection was just there and the romance didn’t feel forced.

Besides the romances, both characters really grow during this story. Gray starts opening himself up to others and realizes he’ll get there when working hard enough. Addy realizes her ex is an ex for a reason and can make peace with that. I loved that even though she wasn’t good at something, she really worked at it. Her goals changed a bit during the months while working at them, but she definitely accomplished a lot.

If you’re looking for a fun, sweet and quick read, definitely pick this one up. I loved that Halloween was a part of this book, but it can definitely be read at any time. I loved the side characters and hope that a few of them will get their own story! And I have to say it didn’t even feel like two authors wrote this book. It flowed really well and the writing was amazing!

I love when authors come together and create stories together. This duo did a great job and I can’t wait to see what they do next. What’s your favorite collaboration? Or what authors need to work together? Let me know in the comments!


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