TTT #97 | Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading Part 2

We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since January 2018 Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This weekโ€™s topic is Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading and honestly, that really isn’t my thing. I almost always drink tea and I think it will be pretty boring if I just listed my ten favorite tea flavors haha. So I decided to go for last weeks topic and share my top ten Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding. Let’s get into it!

1.Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

While I’m super interested in this book, I have told myself I could only read it once I finished the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. I still have to finish reading the last book and I don’t want to start Laini’s new duology before that’s done. You might think that’s a crazy reason haha, but it is true!

2. Catwoman – Sarah J. Maas

I love Sarah J. Maas, especially her Throne of Glass series. And I’m just scared that I won’t love this one. I read the Wonder Woman story by Leigh Bardugo, another favorite author of mine, and I was disappointed to be honest. So I really want to love Catwoman by Sarah J. Maas!

3. What If Its Us – Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

I was super excited to get this one! But since then I have seen so many disappointing reviews and I’m simply scared to pick it up. I really like both authors and I can hardly believe I won’t love a book they wrote together. But it seems like a very possible scenario and I’m just avoiding it haha.

4. The Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

I really enjoyed The Name of the Wind and immediately got the sequel. But when I realized people have been waiting on the finale of the trilogy forever I just couldn’t pick it up. It’s going to be so annoying to have to wait and wait and wait and I’d rather just not read book 2 just yet.

5. King’s Cage – Victoria Aveyard

I loved Red Queen but kinda hated Glass Sword. Since then I have been dreading King’s Cage. I already own War Storm as well and I would be so nice to read both books back to back. But I’m afraid I will have King’s Cage like I do Glass Sword. As long as I haven’t read it, there’s potential for it to be good haha.

6. A Reaper At The Gates – Sabaa Tahir

I’m not a 100% sure why I haven’t picked this one up yet. It’s probably at least three reasons combined. I don’t remember that much from the first two books so this might be a little hard to get into. It’s also going to be a while before the next book is released. And lastly, I have seen some negative reviews and I’m just so scared I won’t love it.

7. Mortal Heart – Robin LaFevers

Almost all of what I remember from book 1 & 2 is that it’s basically about assassins nuns and that I loved it. But that all! So I’m scared to read this because I’ll probably be super confused at first. And It might take away from my experience.

8. The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

This is such a hyped and important read and I STILL haven’t read it. I’m just scared I will be completely broken by this book. It’s also super popular and I’m scared I won’t love it as much as everyone seems to do.

9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 8 vol. 1 – Joss Whedon

I have started watching all the Buffy episodes but I have to completely finish the tv show before I can actually read this one haha. But I came across it and decided to get it right away., because it’s pretty difficult to get your hands one!

10. The Caged Queen – Kristen Ciccarelli

I absolutely adored The Last Namsara and had been looking forward to the sequel. However, this sequel features a different main character and I’m just kinda bumped about that fact. I know it’s been almost a year since I got this one but I’m still not over it I guess haha.

These are 10 of the books on my TBR I’m avoiding and why that’s the case. With so many books on my TBR it can get a bit overwhelming and it might take years before I finally pick up a book. But hopefully I will pick them all up in the future!

25 thoughts on “TTT #97 | Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading Part 2

  1. You definitely should finish the TV show before starting to read the comics. It starts after the series so you would probably be lost and would be spoiled too. You have to finish Daughter of Smoke and Bone series itโ€™s so good and Strange the Dreamer is even better. Itโ€™s absolutely perfection in my view.

    1. Good to know! I have to continue watching it soonish.
      I already started reading the last book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy and hope to continue soon, really loved the first two. StD seems like my book so I’ll probably read it soon after

    1. I should probably just go ahead and do it haha, feel like I’m the only person alive who hasn’t read it yet hahaha

    1. I really wish I hadn’t read all those negative reviews haha. That way I would’ve gone in more blanc I think. Although my expectations were pretty high so this might still be better… I just don’t know haha

  2. I was kind of excited for the Catwoman book when it came out, but same here. I’ve held off reading it because, honestly, I wasn’t sure how good it would be? I’d still like to give it a try though sometime. I should watch for it to go on sale I guess.

    1. Totally get what you mean! I do already have a beautiful copy so I should just go ahead and read it!

  3. I really liked Strange the Dreamer and A Reaper at the Gates. I think we’ll get to find out the title to Ember 4 soon, so I’m pretty sure Sabaa Tahir isn’t trying to pull a GRRM on us.

    I didn’t do snacks either… I posted about books that lost the fall 2019 TBR lottery.
    Brooke Lorren recently posted…Books that Lost the Fall 2019 TBR LotteryMy Profile

    1. Oeh that sounds like a fun prompt! and haha yes, I’m excited for that title! Might pick up Reaper soon after that announcement

    1. aaah thank you, maybe I’ll do that post sometime then ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I’m definitely interested in Catwoman but it’s just scary haha

  4. Well, at least theyโ€™ll look good while they wait to be read โ€” the covers are amazing! I think Reaper at the Gates is my favorite. I understand all the reasons, but I hope you pick them up soon!
    Kristin recently posted…Review: Stargazing by Jen WangMy Profile

    1. Haha that’s so true! I really hope this post put them back on my radar <3

    1. Thank you! Haha it helps that we’re in an European time zone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Great list! I’m totally avoiding Wise Man’s Fear as well and keep telling myself that I should reread Name of the Wind before getting to it. But I also don’t want to wait forever until the third book comes out ๐Ÿ˜‚Haha

    My TTT post

    1. Haha, I don’t really mind the waiting, as long as we know we will actually be getting the book and in what kind of time frame. But it could be one more year, it could be three or it could be ten. And that frustrates me haha

    1. Yeah, that’s definitely my issue with it as well. The story will be continuing so I guess it does count as a sequel, I just started caring for our ‘old’ main character and don’t particularly care about this new MC

  6. I’ve been working my way through The Name of the Wind forever now. Not because it’s been bad, I’ve been enjoying it, but because I keep putting it aside for other things. That said, the fact that the third book isn’t out yet makes me feel better about dragging my feet with this.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

    1. Haha, yeah there’s absolutely no reason to read those book fast haha. Unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜‰

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