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Roar was released in June ’17 and I read it pretty shortly after that. I can remember, because there are little teeth marks in my cover (I had two tiny kittens running around back then, haha). All of the fans have been waiting for a sequel and after the author had some health issues, we’re finally getting the next one.

With Rage releasing soon, this was a perfect time to re-read Roar. It’s been so long, I needed a refresher! Let’s see what I thought the second time around.

“You are lightning made flesh. Colder than falling snow. Unstoppable as the desert sands riding the wind. You are Stormling, Aurora Pavan. Believe it.”

When I read this this first time, I didn’t write a review for it. I was thinking about Roar and could only remember highlights, so I needed a reread. I’m happy I did. It was great to be back in this world and with these amazing characters. I flew through this the second time around.

Aurora is a princess and hasn’t shown any signs of the magic she needs to help protect her Kingdom from the storms that attack it. When a prince comes to marry her, she doesn’t know how to hide this issue any longer. I love the idea of storm magic and there being different kinds.

When Aurora is curious about the prince that’s here to marry her, she stumbles upon stormhunters. Her whole world is turned upside down when she realizes that nothing of what she was told seems to be true. You don’t need to have magic to fight the storms. Aurora becomes Roar and decides to go on a journey to learn more and hopefully come back to help save her people.

“Perhaps death is all that waits for me across the great waters, but better to know death than to choose fear of the unknown.”

I really loved Roar. When she knew she didn’t have the magic to help her people, she read everything she could get her hands on. Knowledge was the only thing that could really help her at the moment. In some way she’s naive, because she doesn’t know anything about the world outside of her Kingdom. That being said, she’s brave and determined to find out more. Her people are important to her and she will do anything to find a way to help. Roar works hard as well. My favorite parts of this book were her training moments with Locke and his team.

Locke seems like a tough one to crack, but deep down there has been a lot of hurt he’s had to deal with. Even though he doesn’t want to care, he does. Roar becomes really important to him, even though it’s clear she’s hiding something. He wants her to trust him, but it will definitely take some time. The group of stormhunters Locke travels with are amazing and I really hope we get a lot more of them in the sequel.

I loved the idea of storm magic and Roar even having some magic she isn’t aware of. That being said, I wish we would’ve had a bit more worldbuilding. We get the basics, but I feel like I’m still missing a lot of information. I know this normally expands as the series continues, but I needed just a little bit more.

“No tragedies here, Roar. This world will make you a victim every chance it gets. Don’t let it.”

The romance betwen Locke and Roar was one I enjoyed, even if it was a bit intense from the start. I would’ve like to have seen it take just a little bit longer before that developed. For me it went a little too quickly. I did love that we got both of their POV. It made the events in this book very interesting and a little easier to follow with the information we have so far.

On top of that we got glimpses of what was happening back in Roar’s Kingdom. It’s clear there is a lot going on and things aren’t as peaceful as they seem. I would’ve loved just a bit more of that during this story. I needed just a bit more mystery and suspense from that side of the story!

All in all, this was a great start of a new series. I loved the characters and the humor. Hopefully the sequel will give us more of this with some more worldbuilding and learning all about storm magic. I will definitely be reading the next book when it’s released!



I definitely enjoyed this book once again, but I need a bit more worldbuilding. Hopefully we get that more in Rage! Have you read Roar? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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