Review| RSVP for Two – Christina Butrum

I’ve really been enjoying Christina Butrum’s Maple Glen series. The first two books It Takes Two and Coffee for Two were really sweet and left a smile on my face. You can read these as standalones, but do get to see a bit of your favorite characters in each book. On Friday the third book in this series, RSVP for Two released and I had the opportunity to read and review! A big thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC.

“Sometimes we search for things when the obvious is right in front of us.”

It was great to be back in Maple Glen. Christina Butrum has managed to really make me feel at home when I read about this amazing town. I can really picture Fran’s and the deli. I always think it’s amazing when an author can create a world I want to live in. Not only that, but the character are just your everday people, no celebrities or millionaires. They are people you could run into walking down the street.

RSVP focuses on Autumn and Charlie. We already met Autumn a bit in Coffee for Two. She’s Cara’s business partner. She’s a wedding planner and love what she does. At times, Autumn may be a bit too involved in her career, but there’s no reason for her not to be.

Charlie is one of the siblings we’ve been reading about the past few books. He never really knew what he wanted until he bought his bar. Since then, Charlie has been happy. There’s no happily ever after yet, but Charlie isn’t sure he’ll get his. He’s hard on himself and has a hard time letting that go!

What I loved about RSVP for Two was the morning coffee the girls had together. It was fun seeing the characters we have come to love get together. This gives us a little update about how they’re doing. Fran is my favorite character, so it only makes sense that they have their morning dates there.

“She was done for… heart and all.”

The romance between Autumn and Charlie was a lot of fun. The moments they were teasing each other or just having fun had a big smile on my face. Even when things get difficult, Autumn is determined to be there for Charlie. I think that’s really important. It was clear to me they needed to be together.

That being said, the moments between Autumn and Charlie were a bit lacking for me. I loved that the author added some family issues into this story, I mean life isn’t all happily ever after. The family coming together was something I loved reading about. Except it felt that the book ended up being more about that and the wedding planning. I missed more interaction and moments between Autumn and Charlie. I think this would’ve been more balanced out if the story was just a bit longer.

All in all, I loved Autumn and Charlie and being back in Maple Glen. I enjoy reading about all of these characters and can’t wait to see what characters we get next!



Another fun book added to this series and I’m excited for the next book! Small rown romances are always so much fun. What’s your favorite small town romance?

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