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In the past I’ve read a few books by Christina Butrum and really enjoyed them. Her newest release, It Takes Two, is out today. A big thanks to the author who provided me an ARC to read and review! Today I’m going to share my thoughts about this new book.

When Clayton is offered his family business, his initial excitement is weighed down by overwhelming worry. Keeping it in the family has always been his top priority.The only problem? He’s a butcher, not a bookkeeper. Numbers were never his thing, but he’s determined to make it work.That only leaves him with one choice: he’ll have to learn the books or give up what he’s always wanted. And there’s no way he’ll let that happen.Unless Emmalee can find a job, she will have to forfeit her lifelong dream of living successfully in a quiet, friendly small town.The only problem? There’s only one job available and it’s not even remotely close to business management.But being a dog walker has its perks – like meeting a handsome butcher at the meat locker, for instance.What happens when two ideas for one business threaten to take away what matters the most?


It Takes Two takes place in the small town Maple Glen. Reading about this town made me feel right at home. I would love to live in a town like this. We meet Emmalee who decided to move to this small town to find a job after completing her business degree. She’s just hoping this small town can be everything she needs.

Clayton has lived in this small town his whole life and works at his family business. His parents want to retire, but can he keep the business going all on his own? The work he doesn’t mind, but the numbers side of everything is going to be a thing!

Emmalee is such a fun character. She is hardworking and pretty organized. I loved how she even took a dog walking job until she could find anything else. The dogs were way too strong for her, but she kept at it. Emmalee is very determined. She’s very hands on and I loved how she really just wanted to follow her dreams.

Clayton can be a stubborn one. He wants to take over the company, but he wants to do it himself. Even if he were to hire Emmalee, past experiences make it hard for him to want to mix business with pleasure. He doesn’t want to open himself up to that again. Clayton is definitely a gentleman though. He’s a family man and really wants to treat Emmalee right. The week in the cabin he organized was so romantic!

It’s clear from the start that Emmalee and Clayton have a connection. While I’m normally not a fan of instalove, this just felt right. I loved how the romance took its time. Nothing really happens until halfway through the book. Both of them are worried that their interest in each other can risk business. They both work through it and figure out that they can be there for each other, it really does take two.

Besides a cute romance, there is a great group of characters we meet in this small town. Clayton’s family is amazing and curious just like most families are. They care though and it’s clear Emmalee is something they welcome with open arms. I can’t wait to read about more of these characters!

If you’re looking for a book with amazing characters, a small town you want to move to and a romance that keeps a smile on your face, definitely read It Takes Two.

Books with small town are always so much fun to read! I really hope we get many more in Maple Glen!

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