Fangirl Friday | Fancasting The Raven Boys

I adore the Raven Cycle books so so much and was very happy when it was announced that there was possibly going to be a tv show. While the rights had been sold, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll actually get the show but I kept on hoping. And then we got some great news from Maggie. It looks like we will be getting the tv show! So I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to show my fan cast for our favorite characters. Lets get into it. Continue reading “Fangirl Friday | Fancasting The Raven Boys”

Review| Blue Lily, Lily Blue – Maggie Stiefvater

It took me quite awhile to continue with this series and now that I have read this book I am really wondering why. Well, I know why. I get distracted by other books I want to read and end up having series that I have only read half of. There is definitely a reason why I decided to set the goal of finishing at least 12 series. I decided to read this, because a friend was reading this series and was loving it. Reading a book with someone is always a lot of fun, so I decided to start reading once she got to this one. At the moment I am writing this review, I have started The Raven King. So, this will be one of the first series I actually finish this year. I just want to make sure to write this before I start confusing the last two books.

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