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I adore the Raven Cycle books so so much and was very happy when it was announced that there was possibly going to be a tv show. While the rights had been sold, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll actually get the show but I kept on hoping. And then we got some great news from Maggie. It looks like we will be getting the tv show! So I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to show my fan cast for our favorite characters. Lets get into it.

This was posted on Maggie’s twitter and it made me super happy!!

Now this is going to be super hard and I don’t think anyone will agree completely but I’m going to give it a try anyway haha. I’m going to to just do our 5 main characters since that will be hard enough. When I’m reading I usually don’t remember how a character is supposed to look, so this is more a vibe kinda thing haha. Also, hair and eye color and such can be fixed easily.


I wasn’t so sure about who I wanted for Blue, and I’m still not sure. But I saw Haley Law fan casted somewhere and I can definitely get behind that. She does a great job on Riverdale as Valerie and think she could be a great Blue. But like a said, I’m still not sure about this and wouldn’t mind someone else in the role either.


I can picture Froy Gutierrez as the perfect Gansey! Gansey is one of my favorite characters ever and he is pretty much perfection. I think Froy has the face to pull off that ‘presidential’ vibe Gansey has going and it’s a big yes from me haha.


Now this was by far the hardest! I love this character so much and I have a clear picture of him in my mind. But I just can’t seem to find an actor that goes with that idea I have of him. Jamie Bell is the person I think comes closes to what I am picturing at the moment. It’s not perfect, but I think he would do an awesome job!


I’ll be honest, I’ve never been that much of an Adam fan so I don’t really mind who plays him. It could literally be anyone and I’d be okay with that haha. That said, I think Dylan Sprayberry has a good Adam vibe to him and would do a great job portraying him.


I loved Finn Cole in Animal Kingdom and especially in Peaky Blinders. He can portray a lot of different types of characters I think, even though both characters in the afore mentioned shows are pretty rough haha, and I feel like he could do Noah justice. You don’t really notice Noah at first glance and I think that Finn is someone that grows on you as well.

So this is my fancast for The Raven Boys. I’ll admit is isn’t perfect and I’m sure we’ll get some pretty new actors for these roles. And I think that’s a good thing, so I’m super excited to see who will play these wonderful characters. Who would you like to see in these roles? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I need to read this even more now!! I have it and its in my short stack TBR pile but I am sooo behind haha

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