Review | This Is Our Story – Ashley Elston

I have been planning on reading this is our story for the last three Halloweens! After failing once again this year I decided to not wait until next year but to finally just go for it. It’s still fall and this is definitely a fall read. I’m very happy I finally picked this one up, so let me tell you all about it.  Continue reading “Review | This Is Our Story – Ashley Elston”

Cover Reveal| Forbidden Desires – Kendall Ryan

When I saw that this series was getting new covers and that they were looking for blogs to do the cover reveal I had to take my chance. We are a really new blog, so for us it’s an honor to be able to do this. It may be “just a cover reveal” for a lot of people, but I definitely want to say thank you for the chance. A friend of mine and I have been a major fan of Kendall Ryan’s writing, so for me it was fangirl moment when I saw these covers while writing this post. Continue on for the cover reveal of her latest series Forbidden Desires!

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