Show Sunday | New Fall 2021 Shows I’m Interested In

As you probably know by now, I’m always on the lookout for new tv-shows. Usually I do some research way in advance but this year I was very behind haha. I’m super busy and have a ton of shows to catch up with. But I still have a list of new fall shows I would love to try. So today I want to share 10 of them. I won’t talk about them that much because this post would be way too long if I did.
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Show Sunday | Anticipated Fall 2020 Shows

Fall shows are about to start and I haven’t shared a single one of them yet. I did do a post about Netflix shows I’m looking forward to but luckily there’s more than just Netflix haha. While I don’t have as an extensive list as I usually do, there are a couple of shows I’m pretty excited for. So let’s take a look at them! Continue reading “Show Sunday | Anticipated Fall 2020 Shows”