Bookish Item | Series I Wanted to Finish in 2023, Did I Do So?

I was looking at some of the older posts I wrote and one of the posts was about book series I wanted to finish in 2023. It’s hard to believe but I actually finished a couple of series lately. So I thought it would be fun to see which of these I did manage to finish. Let’s jump in!

Death Note – Tsugumi Ohba
Then: 1 book to go
Now: finished!

While I didn’t love the last volumes as much as I did the first couple, I did enjoy this series a lot. And I’m happy I have read this series, now I can finally go and watch the anime haha.

Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake
Then: 0,5 book to go
Now: finished!

I adored this series and was so scared to finish it because I had an idea where it was going and I wasn’t sure if I would like it. The ending is definitely not for everyone but I did like it, I didn’t love it but it was still pretty good. Overall I still love this series a lot!

Nevernight – Jay Kristoff
Then: 1,5 book to go
Now: finished!

This was so good!! I adored Nevernight and I’m so glad I finally got back to Godsgrave and Darkdawn. This series is very dark and I definitely shed a tear or two, would highly recommend this one to every fantasy lover out there.

Something Dark and Holy – Emily A. Duncan
Then: 1 book to go
Now: 1 book to go

I still haven’t picked this one up yet, but it is pretty high up on my list. Lately I have been eyeing it more and more so hopefully I can pick this one up soon.

Stalking Jack the Ripper – Kerri Maniscalco
Then: 2 books to go
Now: 2 books to go

I haven’t read this one yet and to be honest, it might be a while. This series isn’t one that has been calling my name. While I do still want to read it, I think it won’t be soon.

Warcross – Marie Lu
Then: 1 book to go
Now: finished!

I recently got the audiobook for this one and finished it pretty soon after! This one was better than I expected actually. It was enjoyable for sure and I’m happy I finished the series.

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard
Then: 2 books to go
Now: 1,5 books to go

I did pick King’s Cage back up a while ago but put it back down in favor of something else. However, I just saw a TikTok about this series and now I would love to get back to it right away! So hopefully this is another one I finish soon.

End result
Series finished: 4/7 – 57%
Books finished: 4,5/9 – 50%
Books still to go: 4,5/9 – 50%

I’m actually really proud of this result haha. While I have been reading a lot more than I have the past years, it’s a lot of rereads. So the fact that I have finished 4 series, series that have been on my TBR for a LONG time, is a pretty big deal in my opinion! Which series should I go for next? Let me know in the comments!

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