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We’re heading into the last three months of the year, so we’ll definitely both be trying to meet some reading goals. Of course we have to read books to do that, so today we’re talking about the books we read in September! Did we discover any new favorites? Keep on reading for our September wrap up.


In September I worked three days and had vacation the rest of the month. We had quite a bit planned, but I still wanted to see if I would be able to read 30 books in 30 days. I didn’t have to finish a book every day for it to count. As long as I finished it before October 1st it was good. Even though we were pretty busy I ended up completing my challenge. A few more manga was added to this list than I was hoping, but after reading a 1200+ page book for bookclub I went easy on myself, haha.

So in September I read 30 books (9 paperbacks, 8 manga, 6 ARCs, 6 e-books, and 1 audiobook) that came to a total of 10,540 pages. My average rating was a 4.1 and that’s good after reading 30 books.

Wasted Words – Staci Hart

Wasted Words has been on my TBR for quite some time and I’m glad I finally read it. Our main character has the dream job. She’s a manager of a bookstore, comic bookstore, and bar all in one. This is also a friends to lovers romance that was really cute. The drama was a bit much at the end, but all in all I had a fun time reading this story.

Meet Me in the Margins – Melissa Ferguson

I love books with characters that love reading, write books, or work with books in any way. Meet Me in the Margins had all three of these things. It was interesting to see our main character slowly learn to stand up for herself, but also improve her book. I loved the idea of the little nook that was used to exchange notes on her book. My only wish was that the romance got a bit more time in the story.

Assistant to the Villain – Hannah Nicole Maehrer

Assistant to the Villain was a book that went viral on TikTok. I love the idea of the main character becoming the assistant to the villain and then slowly falling in love with him. The best part is that the villain started catching feelings himself. This book had some adventure, humor, and some serious sides. Kingsley the frog was my favorite and I can’t wait for the next book to release.

Beartown – Fredrik Backman

Beartown is a book I keep hearing good things about and that was all over the place when the third book in this trilogy was released. The book takes place in a small Swedish town (Beartown) and hockey is an important aspect to everyone’s lives. Bad things happen and things get covered up. This book makes you angry and sad, but also leaves a little sparkle of hope. I hope to read the next book soon.

Things We Hide From the Light – Lucy Score

After loving Knox’s story and meeting Nash I knew I needed to read it. I’m still wondering what took me so long to read this one, because I couldn’t put it down. Nash and Lina have great chemistry and the mystery/suspense side keeps you hooked. I don’t know how Lucy Score does it, but she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This – Rachel Lynn Solomon

I love Rachel Lynn Solomon’s writing and I’m slowly reading her backlist. We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This is kind of enemies to lovers story, but it’s so much more. It deals with mental health, family expectations, figuring out what you want, and so much more.

Little Creeping Things – Chelsea Ichaso

Chelsea Ichaso writes YA thrillers and I’ve been wanting to read one of her books. Little Creeping Things has been on my shelf since it released in 2020. Her writing had me hooked and I read over 160 pages in 2 hours. I loved the set up and little twists and turns. I was only disappointed I was able to guess who was behind everything before the reveal.

Red Rising – Pierce Brown

Science Fiction isn’t a genre I read a lot of, bu Red Rising is one I’ve been curious about. I thought the world and characters were really interesting. Even though we were kind of dropped into the story that didn’t bother me. It’s not a kind world I can tell you that. I’m curious to see how this series continues.

Wotakoi Vol. 2 – Fujita

I read the first volume of Wotakoi not too long ago and loved it. It’s a feel good story and makes you giggle. These characters aren’t perfect, but lovable and I love seeing the relationships develop.

Cat + Gamer Vol. 1&2 – Wataru Nadatani

I have to start off by saying that I’m not a gamer, but the boyfriend is and I enjoy watching him game than doing it myself. Also, this has a cute cat on the covers how could I resits? Our main character is a gamer and stays pretty much to herself at work, but shocks everyone when she says yes to adopting a stray cat. We basically follow her in trying to learn how to take care of a cat and get some scenes from his POV as well. It’s the cutest feel good thing if you need a pick me up. I’m excited that Volume 3 releases next week.

My Dress Up Darling Vol. 2-6 – Shinchi Fukuda

My boyfriend introduced me to this manga. The main character is learning to make dolls and their costumes when a classmate asks for assistance in making cosplay costumes. They form a friendship and seem to be heading to more. There are some sweet and awkward situations and these are so much fun to read.

Text Appeal – Amber Roberts

Text Appeal was a book I wanted to love, but it actually disappointed me a bit. The concept of the story was fun and actually had me laughing out loud when she was sexting with clients. That being said the main character annoyed me quite a bit and I didn’t always appreciate the best friend.

Once More with Feeling – Elissa Sussman

Our main character was a pop star until a scandal hit. She slept with her boyfriend’s band member. I loved that this story was told in then and now, because we slowly got bits of the story and got to know the characters. A few elements in the story were a bit rushed, but all in all I enjoyed Once More with Feeling.

Ellie Engle Saves Herself – Leah Johnson

Middle grade stories can be really magical and teach us a lesson as they do so. Ellie has a lot going on while starting middle school and her best friend doing activities without her. Until she wakes up the morning after an earthquake with magical powers. Her senses have gotten stronger and if she touches something she can bring it back to life. I loved that this book teaches us that being yourself isn’t a bad thing, that you can say when you don’t agree with something, change isn’t always bad, and talking about your feelings isn’t a bad thing.

The Reunion – Kit Frick

This YA thriller takes place on a resort in Cancun with a family reunion that involves a murder. I loved that this book had multiple POVs and had you guessing what was going to happen or who was dead. I do think the ending was just a bit rushed after the big build up we got.

The Block Party – Jamie Day

The Block Party ended up giving me Desperate Housewives vibes, haha. I have to say I expected more, but this story was entertaining. There’s a lot of buildup to everything that takes place. I would’ve loved to have just a bit more time when things actually took place. The chapters do let us get to know the characters and makes you start wondering what could’ve happened.

Sinful Enemy – M. Robinson

I love the best friend’s sister trope and I was hoping to love Sinful Enemy. It started off as something I was enjoying. We got to know a bit about the main characters and their past together. Once we got to the surprise baby reveal it got a bit repetitive for me and I honest skimmed the last few pages.

Consider Me – Becka Mack

Consider Me is a hockey romance I’ve been seeing around and a friend of mine really loved. It’s a long one, but it was worth it. I loved the humor and our main characters exploring their relationship. It was also very refreshing that the male main character was the one who really fought for the relationship and basically says if you have doubts we need to talk them through. There was communication and I loved it!

Morbidly Yours – Ivy Fairbanks

Our main character moves to Ireland to start over after losing her husband. She has some guilt and isn’t looking for a new relationship. I have to say she also wasn’t expecting to move next door to a funeral home. The man running it has to marry to be able to keep it and she tries to help him find someone and of course they fall in love. I was in tears at times, but this ended up being so heartwarming.

Butcher & Blackbird – Brynne Weaver

Before Butcher & Blackbird I had never read a dark romantic comedy, but I have to say it was an interesting ride. Our two main characters are serial killers who go after the “bad” serial killers. They discover each other and decide to have an annual competition. As they do that they start to get to know each other and it becomes more. This book is very dark and I definitely never expected to read some of the things I did, but I loved the characters.

Out On a Limb – Hannah Bonam-Young

Accidental pregnancy books normally have some enemies to lovers vibes or characters that don’t get along right away, but Out On a Limb was so different. I loved how open the characters talks about what was happening and their options. They communicated all the way through and it was amazing. I only wished we got Bo’s POV!

Everly Dalton’s Dating Disasters – Claire Kingsley

I’ve been wanting to read something by Claire Kingsley for awhile, so I decided to start with this novella. Everly has had some disaster dates and we get to read about a few of them. This book had me laughing out loud and definitely has me wanting to pick up the first book in this series.

The Way of Kings – Brandon Sanderson

My in person book club had six weeks between meetings, so a bigger book was chosen for September. The Way of Kings is over 1200 pages and is quite the book. I ended up giving this book five stars, but I did have to listen to the audiobook while reading along. The start of the book is pretty slow, but interesting. It gets even better when everything ends up coming together and there are some twists and turns. I’ll definitely continue with this series.

Brynn and Sebastian Hate Each Other – Bethany Turner

Brynn and Sebastian is an enemies to lovers story and one of the only audiobooks I read this month. This book takes place in a small town and it’s a very typical small town with people who hold a grudge without knowing the whole story. I loved that we also slowly learned more about the characters. It was a great read while going to and from work.

Crown of Midnight – Sarah J Maas

I’ve decided to slowly start re-reading Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight was up this month. I love noticing the little details I didn’t the first two times around. I’m determined to finally read Kingdom of Ash!



I read 5 books in September, it’s not a lot but I’m quite happy with it. One was my most anticipated book of the year, three were rereads and the last one was a book I’ve had on my TBR for a loooooong time haha.

The Fragile Threads of Power – V.E. Schwab

I was super lucky and got an eARC of this one. The book is huge so it took me a while to read it but I have finished it before the release date and I plan on sharing my review soon. I can say I loved it and I can’t wait for the next one.


I’m still in the middle of rereading all the Sarah J. Maas books to get ready for the release of Crescent City #3. This month I finished book 2, 3 and 3.5 in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. While this isn’t my favorite series I did enjoy rereading these books. I’m currently rereading House of Earth and Blood and will then reread A Court of Silver Flames and finish it all with House of Sky and Breath.

Five Dark Fates – Kendare Blake

I have finally finished this one! Three Dark Crowns was one of my favorite YA fantasy series but I never finished the final book. I’m so happy to have finally finished this series haha. The ending isn’t my favorite but I did enjoy reading the book.

So this is our September wrap up! Have you read any of the books we read in September? Or what was your favorite book of the month? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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