Show Sunday | Shows On My To Watch List

I’ve been super busy and haven’t been able to watch that many shows lately. But I do have a couple on my to watch list I’m excited to read! So when I finally have some more free time, these are some of the shows I’ll be starting first. Let’s take a look!

Citadel (Prime) The first episodes of the first season are available to watch but the new ones arrive every week. So it’s actually pretty nice that I haven’t watched it yet, now I can binge it once I do start! I am mostly interested in this one because I like the actors haha. But I also like spy shows so I hope this is a good one with an original villain. I haven’t heard that much about it yet, so I remain hopeful haha.

Queen Charlotte (Netflix) This is the Bridgerton ‘prequel’ and it’s all about Queen Charlotte. I have heard amazing things about this one. Everyone seems to love it, more than Bridgerton! This has set the expectations for the next Bridgerton season haha. I haven’t seen any spoilers or clips from the show so I’m super curious. Hopefully I love it as much as everyone else seems to do.

A Small Light (Disney+) This is a show about Miep Gies, a Dutch women who hides Anne Frank and her family during World War II. The show is made in English so I’m curious to see how they tackle the Dutch aspect. I’ve seen some positive reviews so far and I’m really hoping this is good. The story is so interesting and important so I hope they do it justice.

The Terminal List (Prime) This is a bit of an ‘older’ one, as in not released in the last month or so haha. Nevertheless, it’s one I really want to watch. Like I said, I like spy shows and while this isn’t exactly a spy show I expect it has the same feel to it. It’s about a former Navy SEAL officer who is trying to find out why his platoon was ambushed. Some of these shows have similar plot ‘twists’ but I hope this is one with a good reveal!

Love & Death (HBO Max) This show is based on a real life story and as a true crime enthusiast I’m excited to watch this. There is also Candy on Hulu which is based on the same story. I haven’t heard much about that one so I’m not sure how the 2 compare. One of the true crime podcasts I listen to mentioned Love & Death and really enjoyed it. So I have high hopes for this one! Also, I really like Elizabeth Olsen so that is already a big plus.


Have you watched any of these shows? Or are you planning on watching any of them? Which one should I watch first? Let me know in the comments down below!

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