Wishlist Wednesday| Most Anticipated Releases July 2021

We say this just about every month, but how are we already talking about next month’s book releases? We’re halfway through 2021. So far so many amazing books have released and it’s time to see what July has in store. What books sound good to us? Keep on reading to find out more about our anticipated July releases!

It Ends in Fire – Andrew Shvarts (July 6th)

This one sounds so good! If it’s written as good as the synopsis sounds this will be a favorite read for me. Magic school, a dark society and a girl trying to uproot it all. Give it to me now! Early reviewers seem to either love it or hate it haha.

Six Crimson Cranes – Elizabeth Lim (July 6th)

Look at that gorgeous cover! I believe this is a fairytale retelling and it sounds really good. The early reviews are amazing and I think this will be a beloved read for many.

Any Way the Wind Blows – Rainbow Rowell (July 6th)

This is going to be the third and the biggest book in the Simon Snow series. I can’t wait to read this! After reading Fangirl I have been interested in Simon Snow and I really enjoy the world Rainbow Rowell created. Hopefully the last book will give us everything we want. The cover delivered!

If You, Then Me – Yvonne Woon (July 6th)

To be honest when I saw this the cover is what got my attention. Look at how pretty it is! Also, it’s amazing to see more books with female programmers. It’s not something I know about, but I know it is a male dominated world. The early reviews sound promising.

Rise to the Sun – Leah Johnson (July 6th)

I loved You Should See Me in a Crown and I’ve been looking forward to this author’s next book. Rise to the Sun sounds like a perfect summer read with a romance that will leave a smile on my face.

What We Devour – Linsey Miller (July 6th)

It sounds like this one has a really interesting world and magic system. I’m also sensing some classic YA tropes haha, but hopefully they are well done. The cover looks dark but beautiful!

XOXO – Axie Oh (July 13th)

Another amazing cover! I’m a big contemporary fan and XOXO seems like one I need in my life. The two main characters have a lot on the line and their love could risk it all. I really want this one!

The Right Side of Reckless – Whitney D. Grandison (July 13th)

An unlikely couple starts to have feeling for each other. We all know that won’t go smoothly, but I need to see how it all turns out. I have an e-arc of this one and plan to read it soon.

The┬áRehearsals – Anette Christie (July 13th)

One of my favorite tropes; Groundhog Day! And that with a couple who calls off their wedding during the rehearsal dinner, only to have to do it over and over again. I’m expecting this to be a lot of fun!

The Mythic Koda Rose – Jennifer Nissley (July 13th)

I don’t think I’ve ever read a story where the main character goes looking for information about their late rock star while trying to figure out how to tell their best friend they’re in love with them. I have a feeling this will be emotional, but also really good.

The Taking of Jake Livingston – Ryan Douglass (July 13th)

Horror isn’t normally my go to genre, but The Taking of Jake Livingston is one that I’m really curious about. I mean look at this stunning cover. The main character can see the dead. It does sound like an intense story, but an interesting one.

Flash Fire – T.J. Klune (July 13th)

Okay, so I haven’t read The Extraordinaries yet which is the first book in this series, but I’ve heard so many amazing things about it. And that means I’ll most likely love it as well and will want the sequel as soon as I can get my hands on it.

The Hollow Vows – Lexi Ryan (July 20th)

A girl caught between two treacherous faerie courts and their dangerously seductive princes. This could be horrible or it could be great haha. It’s compared to The Cruel Prince and A Court of Thorns and Roses, hopefully it can live up to those expectations.

Untethered – KayLynn Flanders (July 20th)

After loving Shielded I’ve been anxiously awaiting to read Untethered and how the story continues. There’s a deadly magical war, so you know that’s going to be interesting.

They’ll Never Catch Us – Jessica Goodman (July 27th)

I still need to read They Wish They Were Us but I’m sure I’ll also want this one! It’s another YA mystery/thriller. Two sisters, a new girl, a disappearance and all eyes on the Steckler Sisters. Can’t wait to read this one!

Small Favors – Erin A. Craig (July 27th)

Another gorgeous cover! This is a YA historical fiction with a fantasy twist. I love reading historical settings and I’ve seen some really good early reviews.

Red Wolf – Rachel Vincent (July 27th)

A reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood. It has a fantasy element and a take on the story I really like. Hopefully the book is just as good!

So these are the books we’re looking forward to in July. This month isn’t as busy as some motnhs have been, but there are still plenty to look forward to. What books are you looking forward to? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Great books! Hope you enjoy July~ I am very much looking forward to They’ll Never Catch Us and The Taking of Jake Livingston. And I am definitely curious about Red Wolf, that one looks and sounds so good~

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