Review| Overachiever – S.M. Shade

S.M. Shade is a go to author for me when it comes to romantic comedies. I know she’ll give me amazing characters, lots of laugh out loud moments and some steamy scenes. Overachiever is the second book in her Slumming It series and it didn’t disappoint! Keep on reading to find out more!

It started with a summer job and a ridiculous sex dream.

If you were to ask my friends to describe me, they’d tell you I’m an ambitious person. Responsible, driven, and focused on my goals. Words like stubborn and uptight would probably get thrown in there too. I’m not sure about that, but I know who I’m not.

I’m not the woman who lets a guy derail me from my plans. Watching others make that mistake has taught me well. No serious dating. No relationship until I’m successfully settled into my career. That’s the promise I made to myself and I’m determined to keep it.

Despite being an excellent student, there’s one lesson I fear I’ve learned too late. Funny men aren’t as harmless as they seem and should be avoided at all times. They sneak in under your radar and end up under your skirt. One second you’re laughing. The next you’re hunting for your underwear on a hotel room floor. Believe me, it’s not worth it.

If only my heart would stop screaming louder than my brain, I might be able to believe that Owen falls into that category. He’s my friend, but every day we spend together in this hotel, or working on our summer job building houses for charity, the harder it gets to convince myself we shouldn’t be more.

Years of diligence, and I’m being destroyed by a goofy smile.


Overachiever is the second book in the Slumming It series and S.M. Shade did it again. This was the romantic comedy that I really needed and it had me laughing out loud in the train. It was definitely worth the weird looks during my commute!

This book has all the elements I need in a romantic comedy: amazing characters, humor, romance, some steamy moments and definitely some awkward moments that make you laugh. The two main characters are clearly meant to be, but definitely have some bumps along the way. Remee has a plan and until she’s reached her goals there’s no room for a boyfriend. Owen is such a sweetheart. He’s funny, caring and can definitely be a goof. The sparks fly between these two with their friends with benefits arrangement, but we all know that will only go good for so long.

If you’re looking for a book to make you laugh out loud, swoon and not too much angst I can definitely recommend Overachiever!

I can tell you that you don’t have to read the first book of this series to read Overachiever, but I definitely recommend to. Are you a fan of romantic comedies? If you have any favorites, let me know in the comments!

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