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If you’ve read our 2021 reading goals you’ll know I’m determined to finally finish some series that I started before the beginning of this year. It’s hard at times when waiting for books to release or when I start a series and get distracted by others books. Even though in some cases I only have one book to go. Keep on reading if you want to know what series I want to finish in 2021!

Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas
1 book to go

Throne of Glass is one of my favorites series and I should be ashamed I haven’t read Kingdom of Ash yet! This is something I’ve mentioned quite a few times last year and really ever since it released. Kingdom of Ash is going to be one of my priorities.

Three Dark Crowns – Kendare Blake
1 book to go

Another one I really need to finish. Isabelle suggested the first book to me quite awhile ago and I’ve loved every book since. Both of us still need to tackle this one, so we plan on doing a buddy read soon. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out in this story and who ends up on the throne.

The Valiant – Lesley Livingston
1 book to go

It’s funny, because Isabelle and I did a buddyread of The Defiant with a couple of friends right before The Triumphant released. We thought this would help us pick up the third and final book. We didn’t, haha.

The Syrena Legacy – Anna Banks
1 book to go

A friend and I read the first two in this trilogy in 2019. For some reason we never got around to getting to the third and final book. It seems like this one is going to be a bit different, so maybe that’s why we didn’t get to it right away.

Snow Like Ashes – Sara Raasch
1 book to go

Isabelle and I were doing a buddyread of these with a couple of friends and I even started Frost Like Night. I was around 80 pages in and never continued. I should soon though or I’m going to have to do a reread of the first two.

Kingmaker Chronicles – Amanda Bouchet
1 book to go

A friend introduced me to this author and I’m so glad she did. The first two book in the Kingmaker Chronicles were amazing and I loved everything about them. When I read those the third book wasn’t out yet, so it’s time for me to finish this trilogy. The author is working on a spinoff, so I need to be read.

The Naturals – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
1 book to go

Another series Isabelle recommended to me way before we started the blog. I love Criminal Minds and this is definitely a young adult version of that with a little extra. I flew through the first three books. This is another case of me not wanting the series to be over. Luckily there’s also a novella to read after this one.

Daughter of Smoke and Blone – Laini Taylor
1 book to go

I actually think I got about 100 pages in, because I did start reading Dreams of Gods and Monsters. It was really good, but yet again I had other book distracting me. This is such a good story and I really want to know how it all plays out. I have a feeling once I start again I won’t want to stop.

Lifelike – Jay Kristoff
1 book to go

Last year I did a re-read of Lifel1k3 and Dev1at3, so I would be ready for this one. I’ve been waiting for the paperback to release that matches my first two books. If that doesn’t happen soon I’ll just have to have a mismatched set of books. I’m really invested in this story.

Charlotte Holmes  – Brittany Cavallaro
3 books to go

I read A Study in Charlotte in 2016 and remember that I really enjoyed it. This will definitely be one I have to re-read before continuing with the series. It’s been too long since I read this story to remember the important details. They’re all relatively short, so I should be able to read them pretty quickly.

Captive Prince – C.S. Pacat
2 books to go

I’ve talked about this trilogy before. A few years ago I read the first book (so once again I’ll have to do a re-read). I know there are a lot of mixed opinions about these, but I also hear a lot of readers saying each book gets better.

Alienated – Melissa Landers
2 books to go

The first book in this series was really interesting and I enjoyed it (even though LUX is still my favorite alien series at the moment). I love the colorful covers and want to continue with this story. They’re waiting for me on my shelves.


Here are 12 series I’ve started and need to finished (and believe me this isn’t everything, haha). I’m really shocked by how many there are with only 1 book left to go! Today I stuck to the series that are already complete. I may do a post soon about series I’ve started, but that aren’t complete yet. Have you read any of these yet? Or are there series you want to finish this year? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I think the only series I have in common with you on here is Charlotte Holmes. I only own the first book so I’ll have to buy the others!

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