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I’ve really been enjoying the collection of middle grade books I’ve been reading this year and love that TBR and Beyond Tours has tours for these books as well. The Tigers in the Tower is one of these book that is out today! Today for my spot on the tour I had the chance to send some interview questions to the author, so keep on reading to find out what I asked and how she answered! And of course, to find out a bit more about the book.

The Tigers in the Tower by Julia Golding
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Publishing Date: November 18, 2020

“A Little Princess – with tigers! Orphan and outcast Sahira Clive is a brave and plucky heroine with a brightly burning heart. I was rooting for her all the way to the end of this thrilling – and thought-provoking – adventure.”Ally Sherrick, award-winning author of Black Powder

Sahira’s family are travelling to England to deliver two majestic Indian tigers to the menagerie in the tower of London.

But tragedy strikes and sickness steals Sahira’s parents from her on the journey. Left alone in London, Sarhira finds herself confined to a miserable and dangerous orphanage. Despite her heartache and the threats she faces, Sahira is determined to carry out her father’s last request – to protect God’s beautiful creatures: her tigers. To do so, Sahira must set out on an adventure and use all her powers of persuasion to engage the help of some new friends along the way.

Can the quest to find her tigers a safe home, lead Sahira to find her own place of hope and belonging in this strange and foreign land?

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Author Interview

About the Author

What inspired you to start writing?

Do you think that storytellers might be born with the gene? I certainly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t having a go at writing my own tales. A little like Sahira in my book, The Tigers in the Tower, I didn’t miss out on an opportunity to make a story up about the things that crossed my path. I started writing as a profession when I had my own young family. I had a readymade audience who liked what I did for them – what more could an author need?

What’s your all time favorite book? Why?

That is so hard – I’m hurting here. Imagine in front of me The Lord of the Rings and Pride and Prejudice – I’m trying to choose which to take to my desert island. OK, look away now. Sure you’re not peeking? I’m just going to take out some of the appendices from The Return of the King, slip in P&P and hope you don’t notice. There – you can look now. I’m ready for the desert island.

Besides writing, what are other hobbies or activities you love doing?

Walking with my dogs. I also have a big fundraising campaign I’m about to start concerning a very important literary house in Oxford which is taking all my spare time. Stay tuned for an announcement.

About the Book

Describe The Tigers in the Tower in five words or less.

Victorian adventure with tigers

If you were to put yourself into this story, what kind of character would you be?

A tiger!

What is one thing you hope readers remember after reading this book?

I hope readers will find they’ve learned a lot about the 19th century and how animals were treated at that time, as well as take away a lasting impression of Sahira, Rama and Sita prowling through London.

What inspired The Tigers in the Tower?

Reading about the menagerie in the Tower of London was one definite starting point. The collection had been running since Medieval times and I was fascinated by the idea that people like Shakespeare would’ve heard the roar of lions among other noises in Tudor London.

What is your favorite quote from The Tigers in the Tower?

It’s a little paragraph about the power of the imagination when Sahira lets the tigers out to play.

‘With a full moon overhead, the tigers were transformed. Dulled down were their orange stripes, but their white fur shone silver and their black so deep that they seemed to have taken the night into themselves. With a little imagination, Sahira could supply the forest canopy, the lake choked with lotus blossoms, the scent of night blooms on the air. The barred entrances to the cages became caverns, the bridge a fallen trunk across a ravine, the cries of distant streets the murmur of a waterfall. They were home! She stood up and lifted her hands to the sky, to pluck down the moon itself. The tigers paused beneath her, heads raised to the stars, and roared.’

Tour Schedule

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About the Author

Julia Golding is a multi-award winning writer for adults and young adults. She also writes under the pen names of Joss Stirling and Eve Edwards. Born in 1969, she grew up near Epping Forest. She studied English at Cambridge University, then joined the Foreign Office and worked in Poland, before returning to Oxford University to study for a doctorate in literature of the romantic period.  She worked for Oxfam, lobbying on conflict issues, before becoming a full-time writer. Over three-quarter of a million of her books have been sold worldwide in many languages.

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I don’t know about you, but I love getting to know the authors that write the books I’ve read a bit more. I love hearing about what inspires them and what they love. So I have to say I had a lot of fun being able to do this interview.


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