Bookish Item| 2020 Most Anticipated: Did I Read Them?

At the beginning of the year both Isabelle and I did a Top Ten Tuesday about our 2020 anticipated releases. This year is flying by, so we were curious if we had read any of the books we put in this list. So I’m going to talk about my ten books today and Isabelle will talk about hers next week. Keep on reading to see if I’ve read any of the books I was looking forward to this year!

Ruthless Gods – Emily A. Duncan

I own this book, but haven’t gotten around to it. I get so easily distracted, haha. Also, I think I’ll do a reread of Wicked Saints and then read Ruthless Gods before the third and final book releases next year. So far I’ve heard amazing things about this book, so I’m definitely excited.

The Empire of Gold – S.A. Chakraborty

The first two books of this trilogy were so much fun, but yet again, so many books, so little time! I actually got my wish granted and got the ARC, but it was three days before releases. The Empire of Gold isn’t a tiny book, so I definitely need to make sure I have some time when I pick it up.

Last Girls – Demetra Brodsky

Another book I was really excited for. The amazing books keep coming out in the months that I have way too much to read. Again, I’ve heard so many amazing things about this one. I need to make it a priority before the end of the year.

Undercover Bromance – Lyssa Kay Adams

The Bromance Book Club was such a fun book and I made sure to preorder the sequel as soon as I could. I still haven’t read it though. I think that’s mostly because I’m afraid it’s going to be a let down after loving the first one so much. If I go into a book with high expectations, I don’t want to overhype something. I’ve hear Undercover Bromance is just as good, so with the third book releasing soon this one has to be read ASAP.

Yes No Maybe So – Becky Albertalli & Aisha Saeed

I’m not really sure why I haven’t gotten to this one yet. Stories with politics are really relevant at the moment. Add a love story to it and it sounds like a book for me. I haven’t read anything by Aisha Saeed yet, but have enjoyed Becky Albertalli’s books.

Verona Comics – Jennifer Dugan

Falling in love in a comic book store? That sounds interesting. I’m a fan of comics and love when books take place in bookstores or anything related to books. This sounds like a cute story and a perfect one to sit down and relax with. I don’t own this one yet. I think that needs to change.

Super Adjacent – Crystal Cestari

Superheroes are a lot of fun to read about, but we only almost ever see them in action. But what happens when they get home after a day of work? I have to same I’m curious about that. This cover caught my eye and I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet.

By the Book – Amanda Sellet

I’m actually listening to this one as I’m typing this. Again, our main character loves books. I have to say this is turning out to be a bit different than expected. I don’t know if this one will end in my favorites list at the end of the year.

A Heart so Fierce and Broken – Brigid Kemmerer

After loving A Curse So Dark and Lonely part of me is afraid this is going to let me down. I have a feeling it won’t, because a friend who has just about the same taste as me loved this book! I think I’ll wait closer to the release of the third and final book to reread the first one and then this one.

Empress of Flames – Mimi Yu

I can finally say it’s not my fault I haven’t read this one yet. Empress of Flames got pushed back and won’t be releasing until March 2021. So I haven’t had any chance to pick this one up. I’m still excited about it though!!

Okay, it’s pretty sad I haven’t read any of these yet. Well, I’m in the middle of reading one of them. At least one was delayed and I just couldn’t read it yet! Have you read any of these? Which one should I start with? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I really need to get to Kingdom of Copper and Empire of Gold! I loved the first one. But goodness – they are definitely long ones though!

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