Show Sunday | Upcoming Netflix Shows I’m Excited About

Usually I would already have been watching a ton of trailers for all the new tv shows coming in the fall. Unfortunately with all of the COVID-19 consequences a lot of shows haven’t been filming and so the fall schedule is still a bit tentative I believe. So I haven’t been able to find that many new shows yet. However, I do have a couple of Netflix shows that are coming out in the next couple of months. And I’m very excited about those! So let’s jump in.

August 20th

So this one actually already released already but I wanted to include it anyway. It’s a German show and after watching the trailer I plan on starting the first episode as soon as I finish this post haha. We follow Mia who starts her medical degree and makes her way into the inner circle of the brilliant professor Lorentz. And that’s where the mystery starts! I love a good mystery and the trailer made me very curious!

Young Wallander
September 3rd

Young Wallander is based on the books by Henning Mankell. This is a Swedish writer and there is a Swedish show for the grown-up Wallander. I’ve seen a lot of angry comments since this new show is in English and seems to take place in present day while it should be more in the 80’s according to the books. However, I think this looks very good and I’m excited to watch it!

September 4th

This trailer looks wonderful and I’m very excited for it. I like science fiction things and I think this will be a great mix of emotions and science stuff. The trailer already dives in to the feels hard and I have high hopes for this one. We follow a mission to Mars and all of the sacrifices that means.

The Duchess
September 11th

When I first saw what this was about, I wasn’t really interested to be honest. This doesn’t necessarily sound like something I’d enjoy and I wasn’t even planning on watching the trailer. But I figured I’d have to at least give the trailer a chance. And wow, that trailer was funny! Now I am actually interested haha. Hopefully the show can live up to the trailer and keep me interested.

September 18th

I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t know who Nurse Ratched was before this trailer. She is the nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and yes I do know that movie haha. I love origin stories so I’m excited for this for that fact alone. But even if I didn’t know about that part, this is just an amazing trailer. One of the best trailers I’ve seen in a while I think! I love everything about this and it has some actors in it I really like. All in all, I’m just super excited haha.

Do you plan on watching any of this Netflix shows? And do you have any other upcoming shows on your list? Please let me know in the comments!

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