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I never expected to write this post to be honest! Hamilton has been getting so much hype for years now but I have to admit I was never that invested or even that interested in it. While I do know of the history behind the story it never felt like ‘my’ history so to say (turns out there are some Dutchies in the story though!). With the BLM movement there also came some critic on the musical. So when it aired on Disney+ I wasn’t planning on watching it. But, one evening I decided to find out for myself what everyone was talking about haha. And today I want to talk about it as well! So let’s jump in.

The real life of one of America’s foremost founding fathers and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Captured live on Broadway from the Richard Rodgers Theater with the original Broadway cast.

The musical is over 2 and a half hours and you can stream it on Disney+. I was not expecting it to be this long haha. Which felt a bit dumb of me because I do love going to musicals but I guess I was just thinking of it as a movie.

Right away I noticed a ton of actors I really liked in this show. And I had no clue they were in this. This show also has an amazingly diverse cast. Almost all of the main characters are played by Black and POC actors. And these actors are crazy talented.

I didn’t really know the story of Hamilton so it was fun to see his whole story play out. And when I see fun, it was also frustrating and sad and beautiful and shocking but all in all very enjoyable. I mentioned some Dutchies, because I found out the Schuyler sisters (and whole family of course) are of Dutch descent. Their ancestors moved to New Netherlands as it was called back then in 1650. The family attended the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany. It’s always interesting to see a little piece of Dutch history shine through in other stories.

Like I said, I really enjoyed the story. But of course a musical isn’t just about the story. Most of all it’s about the music, at least in my opinion. And I’ll admit, since English isn’t my first language, I didn’t completely grab all the meaning and all the genius that was in the songs. I did really like the songs the first time I heard them. But I didn’t fully appreciate them yet. However, I started listening to them on Spotify and started to love them more and more. I also read a ton of facts about the musical, about the songs, about Lin Manuel Miranda. And I loved it all even more! He created something incredible and the songs are masterpieces.

Daveed Diggs is my newest celebrity crush, both as Lafayette and as Thomas Jefferson he blew me away. And him singing and rapping is something else! There are so many fantastic moments and songs in this musical and I couldn’t pick my favorite if I tried. The Story of Tonight, You’ll Be Back, Helpless, Satisfied, What’d I Miss, the Cabinet Battles, Washington on Your Side, Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story. They are all simply amazing and I have been listening to the album Non-Stop ;).

You can bet I will watch the musical again and I’ll admit, I’m a bit sad I won’t be able to see it live. But I’m so glad we can all watch it whenever we want! And I will be listening to the songs for quite a while <3. Have you seen Hamilton yet? Let me know in the comments!

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