Show Sunday | Fuller House: The Final Goodbye

Last week the final episodes of Fuller House aired. After 5 wonderful seasons of the spin-off off Full House it’s over. This is the last we’ll (probably) see of the Tanners. I posted about Fuller House before and of course I had to post about the very last episodes. So let’s jump in!

After bingewatching Full House and the first couple of seasons of Fuller House it’s so weird to know this has all come to an end. I wasn’t a huge, lifelong fan but I came to really appreciate and enjoy this show and would’ve loved for it to go on a bit longer.

This last part has 9 episodes and the main focus is the wedding we’ve all been waiting for. You have to wait for it until the very last episode but it’s definitely worth it! I managed to slow myself down and watched the 9 episodes over 3 days instead of my normal 1-day binge haha.

I really enjoyed this last part and liked that we got a bit more storyline for the kids. The first half of the fifth season I felt like the kids were barely there and while I would’ve loved to see more of their story I was okay with the amount of screen time and plot they got in these last episodes. Someone mentioned the possibility of a Fullest House in the future with the current kids and I would absolutely love that!

We got some great cameo’s this season and I loved seeing all of our favorites. The storyline was exactly what I was expecting for these last episodes and very enjoyable. There wasn’t anything surprising but the show delivered what it promised in my opinion! I love these characters and I’m glad to have been part of the journey <3

Have you watched Full House and Fuller House? What did you think of the series finale? Come talk to me in the comments!

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