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I’m always up for reading challenges, because they’re great way to get through some books and backlist books at that! Ellie from Read to Ramble posted about this and she saw it on Holly’s blog from Holly Loves Books. The Book Tempter’s TBR Book Challenge was created by Runalong the Shelves and the original post can be found here.

There is no set date to start this challenge, only that you have 12 weeks to complete it. So I think I’ll start on June 1st and this will end on August 24th. Hopefully I can get to some of my backlist books, so let’s take a look at the TBR I hope to stick to with the prompts for the challenge.


We all have books that are lovely looking but HUGE. Difficult to carry wil require time – well we are slightly stuck at the moment. Pick a book over 500 pages. You’ve three months to finish it.

I’m going to finally read Kingdom of Ash! This is the last book in the Throne of Glass series and I still haven’t read it. Well, I’ve read the first 200 or so pages. Out of all of the books I haven’t read yet, this one is definitely a shocker. I mean, Isabelle and I went to get this book on release day almost two years ago (oops, haha)!


You know that habit of picking up a nice new book and you’ve not read it yet….and may never do. Stop that – the challenge is to read the newest book in Mount TBR. Nicely leading to…

As I’m typing this, the newest addition to my TBR is Hunting November. I really do want to read this right away before it gets stuck on my unread book pile for ages. Killing November was really good and I’m looking forward to seeing how her journey continues.


If we take isolation as a chance for a change why not finally finally touch the oldest book in the pile. Release that first book from the imprisonment of Mount TBR and place them on the shelf of read joy or possibly the PILE of DOOM is a disappointment.

I have way too may books that could fit this prompt. And there are so many I want and need to read. One that keeps popping up in my head at the moment is Bad Blood. This is the fourth and final book in The Naturals series. I’ve had it on my shelf for way too long and I want to finish this series.


Hopefully you have an anthology in book or magazine form. Why not embrace the joy of short stories – they’re delicious in small bites and will expose you to new authors for when we are freeeee. If you’ve not got any then can I suggest looking fr some online sources e.g. Escape Artists, Uncanny Magazine, Tor.Com and there are many many more.

I just happen to have an anthology to read for this prompt. It’s more of a Halloween read, but it’s one I’ve been wanting to get to. Because You Love to Hate Me has thirteen stories about villains we love to hate!


A Liberty Hall choice – choose a random book from your favorite genre. Enjoy it, savor it and remind yourself what the genre can do.

This is hard, because I have two favorite genres: contemporary and fantasy, so which do I choose?!? I think I’ll got with contemporary, because I’ll be reading this during the summer months. I don’t always stick to seasons, but tend to read these a lot in the summer. So I’m going to read What I Like About You!


Okay if you’re familiar with my blog there is a lot of SF/Fantasy and lets face it the trilogy is a part of that and I suspect there may be one you have three books all yet unread. Or possibly one read part 1? Fear not here is your chance to try a trilogy in a short space of time. If you have not pick a series or sequence by an author you like.

The Captive Prince trilogy is one I started (I read the first book in 2017), but really need to finish. I’ve been seeing it a lot in the bookish world again, so I think I’ll choose this one to finally finish. It’s definitely unique and I hear the second and third book are even better. I can’t wait to see what I think of the rest.


Choose a non-fiction book. Any genre in that area but just find out something new about the world we are all part of.

If I’m honest, I don’t really read non-fiction, but I will give it a go. I’m going to listen to Scrappy Little Nobody. Anna Kendrick is a fun actress and I wouldn’t mind knowing more about her story! A few of my friends have read it and loved it, so that makes me excited to pick it up!


Read a book by someone who is not from the UK or US. Can be any genre again but you may get some new perspectives and at the moment that will always be a good thing.

If you read Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s little bio on Goodreads, it states: Mexican by birth, Canadian by inclination. So definitely not an author from the US or UK. Mexican Gothic is one of my anticipated releases of 2020! I’ve heard some amazing things from early readers and that makes me want this book even more. It’s releasing during the time I’m reading for this challenge, so perfect timing!


So indecision is something that makes TBR piles grow – everything is so shiny we never get around to it. So here is me picking the book for you – It’s the third book from the left/bottom of the second shelf in your TBR. I remove your free will this is the book you MUST pick. OBEYYYY!!

I chose the bookshelf downstairs to do this one and that leads me to the book The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. Isabelle has been bugging me to read this since I bought it, haha. Since then I’ve also heard some amazing things from other readers.


You do deserve something good so for this one read your favorite book or something new by your favorite author. You deserve some quality time

Hmmm… I have a lot of favorite authors by now, haha. What do I want to read in the next couple of months? I think I’ll choose My Calamity Jane! I’ve been waiting for this third book in The Lady Janies trilogy. These books are amazing and I’m excited!


So, I have enough to get me through these 12 weeks! I’m excited about all of them. Keep an eye on the blog in August for my wrap up! What book has been on your TBR the longest? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have yet to complete any of the prompts on my own TBR, but I’m going to give it my best shot over the next two months! These sound like great books and I hope you enjoy them all!

    1. I hope so as well! I honestly forgot about this post for a second, haha. I’m happy you commented on it!

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