Show Sunday | Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector

It’s time for another Show Sunday! Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector started last month and I watched the first 3 episodes. The fourth one released the other day (and I might’ve watched it when this post comes online haha). So I had to dedicate this Show Sunday to this new and wonderful show. Let’s get into it!

A retired forensic criminologist teams up with an ambitious young detective to help capture some of the most dangerous criminals in America.

This new tv show is based on the book series about Lincoln Rhyme by Jeffrey Deaver. The first book in the series is called The Bone Collector and in 1999 there was a movie with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. This time around the main characters are portrayed by Arielle Kebbel and Russell Hornsby.

Arielle Kebbel was definitely the reason I first got wind of this show. I love her and try to watch everything she acts in, she hasn’t disappointed me thus far! It was a nice surprise to see Russell from Grimm (and Claire Coffee!). There are a couple of other actors from different shows I used to watch and I really liked seeing them again! It’s always fun seeing some favorites in a new role and so far everyone seems to do a great job.

Lincoln Rhyme used to be a homicide detective, a super smart and driven detective. One who was obsessed with the serial killer the Bone Collector. After a run in with the Bone Collector he ends up paralyzed and the Bone Collector seems to have disappeared. We start the show with a murder victim being discovered by Amalia Sachs and Lincoln Rhyme is consulted by the police.

Every episode is about an investigation with the bigger plot about the Bone Collector going on in the background. I absolutely loved the first couple of episodes. The cases were interesting and I especially like how they show us Lincoln’s detective skills. He is a Sherlock kind of detective and they use great graphic to show his thinking. It’s done incredibly well!

It looks like there will be 10 episodes total and I truly hope it won’t be a limited series. With the hunt for the bone collector in the title, it has me worried a bit to be honest. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see! For now, I’m looking forward to the new episode each week. I highly recommend this series, I think I also got Candyce to watch it haha. Have you seen this show yet? What did you think? Come talk to me in the comments!

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