Royal Update #5

We thought it was time for a fun new post every week. In the Royal Update one of us updates you about our personal life, bookish news, what we’re reading, watching and listening to and anything else that might apply to this post. We thought it would be fun to share a bit more about our personal lives and hope you think so too!

Almost two weeks ago I went to a concert of one of my favorite Dutch bands: Bløf. They gave a concert in Paradiso, a very small and intimate venue compared to what they can sell out. I was still walking with crutches after my surgery so I went in a wheelchair. My friend had to roll me through Amsterdam but we had a great time. We got a great place in the venue and enjoyed the concert immensely.

Two days later I went to the Royal Christmas Fair in The Hague with another friend. Once again I was rolled through the city in my wheelchair haha, and this time we even traveled by metro to get there! I do have some of the best friends to take me out while I’m recovering from my surgery. The fair wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be, but we drank gluhwein and had a wonderful time!

The day after that I went to France for a week with my family! For the first time ever we went away during Christmas. We decided to spend it in our home in France with friends who live there year round and some friends who have a second home there as well. While it was a bit different than our usual Christmas, we had a ton of fun and the week went by way to fast! I also took some time to do my new jigsaw puzzle. It’s one were you don’t get the picture you’re supposed te recreate. Instead it shows you a starting point and you have to use your imagination. For this one I had to figure out what one of the characters on the picture would be seeing. It’s pretty hard but I loved doing it!

We went home to spend New Years here and I had to get back to physical therapy. Time to get back on my feet <3

I’d almost forget it! But I also got some wonderful Christmas presents haha. I got the fourth illustrated Harry Potter. My collection is now up to date! These are all so gorgeous and I loved looking through it. I can’t wait to have all seven of these books. Next up is The Dark Vault by V.E. Schwab. It’s both of the Archived novels bound together. I also got a gift certificate for a really nice piercing shop so I can get a new ear piercing! Up next were my lovely Harry Potter slippers. And last was my biggest gift! Two Harry Potter Pandora charms. I got the Ravenclaw one and the Hogwarts train. They are gorgeous and very detailed. I can’t wait to get that complete collection!

I’ve gotten two wonderful eARC’s recently. Yes I remember saying I wanted to focus on my backlog of eARC’s before downloading more but I just couldn’t resist haha.

The first one I got is Of Curses and Kisses by Sandhya Menon. I haven’t read anything by this author yet and I wasn’t really interested in her previous titles. But the premise for this one sounds wonderful! It’s the start of a new series and a Beauty and the Beast retelling set at a boarding school. Also, look at that cover!

I might’ve jumped the gun on this one a little bit haha. The Midnight Lies is set in the same world as The Winner’s Curse. I do own that book and think I will love it but obviously I should read that before getting to this one. So I’ve got 3 novels to read before I can start on this eARC.

I read a LOT of books last week! Especially audiobooks were devoured haha. I listened to 8 of them in a span of a week, mostly while doing my new jigsaw puzzle. Completing the Magical Readathon seems like a stretch right now but I did finish the Folk of the Air trilogy, read my first 2020 eARC (Foul is Fair) and discovered a new favorite manga (Witch Hat Atelier).

This week I’ll be trying to finish some books I already started like The Martian and The Golden Compass. I will also continue reading Saga. As soon as 2020 starts I plan on reading Fence vol. 3 and Candyce and I are starting with Mistborn. I ordered the next couple of volumes of Witch Hat Atelier and as soon as they arrive I will read those. So you can see I already have quite the reading plans!

There hasn’t been that many bookish news, probably since we were in the middle of the holidays! I found one release update, not the most fun one though!

Gita Trelease announced that Liberté will be released February 2, 2021. This sequel to Enchantée was supposed to come out this summer but they moved it up. For me personally this is pretty good news since I still haven’t read Enchantée yet haha. I hope to read it this year!

I totally forgot about it, but I ordered some Harry Potter replicas ages ago haha. They arrived last week. I didn’t pay that much so I’m very happy with how they look. They will look great in bookstagram pictures and simply for display purposes. I also ordered a art piece for the Christmas box I did, but it didn’t fit hahaha. So I decided to keep it for myself.

You might’ve seen it in my Show Sunday yesterday, but I have started to rewatch Gilmore Girls. It’s still my favorite show ever and it’s so nice to watch this while doing other stuff. I’ve been watching it mostly while doing my jigsaw puzzle (unless I’m listening to an audiobook haha).

My family doesn’t watch Christmas movies but we did watch 6 Underground and The Irishman. We loved the first, but were quite disappointed with the second unfortunately.

Every year one of the Dutch public radiostations organizes the Top 2000. You can vote on your favorite songs ever and they compile this into the 2000 best songs ever made. They start December 26th and the number song is played right before the new year starts. So I have been listening to this non stop!

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