Show Sunday| Christmas Favorites on Netflix

As someone who loves everything Christmas, I’ve honestly already started listening to Christmas music and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Last year I discovered quite a few fun things, so I want to share my Christmas favorites on Netflix!

The Christmas Chronicles

This is definitely a family movie and it was so much fun! We actually watched it on Christmas last year. I’ve heard there will be a sequel, so that’s really exciting. It’s a fun movie to watch, because who didn’t want to catch Santas as a child. Christmas Eve was always a magical day/night. The Christmas Chronicles takes us back to that.

A Chrsitmas Prince

If you love the “cheesy” Hallmark type of Christmas movies, A Christmas Prince is definitely for you. There’s actually already a sequel and the third one will be on Netflix the beginning of December. An undercover journalist thinks to get the scoop on a prince, but finds so much more. I think my favorite thing in this whole movie is the setting. I would love to spend Christmas there.

The Holiday Calendar

Another magical Christmas movie. A holiday calendar ends up being magical. Our main character doesn’t believe her antique advent calendar can predict the future, but this starts proving her wrong. I loved the idea of this calendar playing a bit part in the movie and the happily ever after is amazing of course!

Angels in the Snow

I have to say this movie definitely turned out differently than I expected. A family gets snowed in at their family cabin and none of them really want to be there. I would volunteer to spend Christmas in that setting though, haha. Another family stranded shows up and makes them all wake up. That’s not the twist I mentioned, but it was definitely an interesting one. Angels in the Snow really makes you think!

These are the four I watched last year and enjoyed! Of course, you can also find things like the Elf (that will always be fun). What are your Christmas/Holiday favorites? Anything you’re looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Show Sunday| Christmas Favorites on Netflix

  1. Love the festive posts!! Great choices, I (with the family) always end up watching Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone, Love Actually (without the family since my brothers too young), Christmas with the Kranks, Deck the halls!! Love christmas movies!! AWESOME POST LOVE IT. 💜💜⛄☃⛄☃

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