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Both of us love Halloween and book swaps. When our friend Kwante, from Kwante in Wonderland, announced she was hosting the Spook-a-swap. We knew we needed to participate. Basically it’s like a Secret Santa, but for Halloween. Everyone gets a person they make a little bookish package in Halloween style. We both decided to participate, so today we’re sharing our Halloween Swap Wishlist.


For some reason, I can always think of books I want, except when I need to make wishlists for swaps or Christmas. Seeing how this is a Halloween swap, I added a couple books for the season and couple I just really want on my bookshelves. It’s a smaller swap, so I only added four books.

Radio Silence – Alice Oseman

This book is a few years old now, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it. This author announced a new book that sounded really good, so I really want to give this a try before that one is released.

Small Spaces – Katherine Arden

I’ve actually already read Small Spaces. I received an ARC from Netgalley and couldn’t put it down! Small Spaces is the perfect Halloween read and so spooky! I loved it so much, I need the actual book on my shelf. Maybe I’ll read it again on a dark and rainy evening.

Sawkill Girls – Claire Legrand

As someone who doesn’t really read horror, I have been getting curious. After reading Wilder Girls, I decided it was time to check out a few other books. I know a couple of people that don’t typically read this genre that did enjoy this book. Halloween seems like a good time to give this a go!

Far From the Tree – Robin Benway

Far From the Tree is a book I actually started reading, but ended up getting distracted (as I always do). This book was pitched as a book for fans of This is Us. I love that show and was enjoying what I read, so this one needs to be on my shelf as well.


Like Candyce said, for some reason it’s so hard to think of books when you have to make a wishlist haha. I really wanted to include some fall and Halloween types of books on this list. And I also go a bit crazy and add way too many books haha. This list has 10 books I would love to get!

Pumpkinheads – Rainbow Rowell & Faith Erin Hicks

This was the ultimate autumn release this year! I love reading graphic novels and the art on the cover looks great. Graphic novels tend to be a bit more expensive compared to paperback novels especially considering how fast I read them, so I love putting them on wishlists like this.

Sheets – Brenna Thummler

I think this graphic novel will be hilarious! This is about a girl running her families laundry business and a ghost that lives there. I can only imagine where this story will take us but when looking at the cover I think it will be great! Since I’m super easily scared, this is a perfect Halloween read for me haha.

Fake Blood – Whitney Gardner

Another graphic novel! AJ has a crush on Nia but she only seems interested in vampires. So he decides to fake being a vampire, only to discover she’s slayer! This also sounds super funny and I think it will be another perfect Halloween read for me.

Witch Hat Atelier 1 – Kamome Shirahama

Apart from my love of graphic novels, I also really enjoy manga. My manga collection is slowly growing and I decided to put some witchy manga on my list. This one has super cute cover art and sounds wonderful. We follow Coco who wishes she was born as a witch but learns she might be able to become one! Isn’t that anyone’s dream still?

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches 1 – Miki Yoshikawa

I mostly want this one because of the title haha. It’s been a while since I’ve read the synopsis and I think I’ve seen it in a booktube video. So I just looked it up, and this is a body-switch story! It’s sounds like it will be hilarious and I want it even more now haha.

Graveyard Shakes – Laura Terry

And another graphic novel! It’s a middle grade horror GN and features sisters. The cover art looks great, I adore these colors. This story largely takes place at a graveyard, perfectly creepy for spooktober!

Arm of the Sphinx – Josiah Bancroft

This one fits my theme in this list the least haha. I read Senlin Ascends not too long before making this list and really want to sequel. Not bad enough for me to buy it right away haha. But still, I do want to continue this series. Also, these covers are great.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder – Holly Jackson

The title for this one alone made me put it on my wishlist. It was also pretty cheap so this would be a perfect book to add if the person who is making my package is still under budget. I always think it’s great to have some cheap and some more expensive books.

Dare You to Lie – Amber Lynn Natusch

One of the more expensive ones is the hardcover of Dare You to Lie. I read this amazing book as an ebook but really need the series on my shelves. Amber is also a wonderful person and I love supporting her!

Sabrina: Season of the Witch – Sarah Rees Brennan

I’m a big fan of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina so this book is perfect for me! This is a prequel to the tv show so it’s definitely an original story. I do hope the story is better than the Riverdale prequel book, although that one was enjoyable!

So these are the books on our wishlists. Have you read any of them? If you have, let us know if you loved them or not! We would love to hear your opinions!

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    1. Thank you! It was released this summer I believe, I hope it can still my craving for the next season 😉

    1. Thank you! We will definitely do an unboxing on the blog <3

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