Looking Back At Our Bookhauls | September 2018

Every month we add books to our collections, but we’ve been curious about how much of them we actually read. In Looking Back at Our Bookhauls, we take a look at our hauls from the year before. What have we read and what do we still need to read? We hope this motivates us more to get to our unread books and maybe buy a little less. Even if this doesn’t always work, haha. Today we’re looking back at our book hauls from September 2018.


Last month I didn’t do too bad, so I’m scared to take a look at September 2018, haha! Last year in September, I added six books to my collection. Let’s see how many I was actually able to read. I did a lot better than I expected!

Hocus-Pocus & the All-New Sequel – A.W. Jantha

I read this one last year. This was definitely a Halloween read for me and I’m happy I picked it up. I liked that the author gave us the original story and then did a twist on a new version for this generation. There were a lot of mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. The All-New Sequel has an open ending, so I hope there is more to come!

Two Dark Reigns – Kendare Blake

Of course I read this one right away!! Two Dark Reigns was another amazing part in the Three Dark Crown series and the ending left me wanting more!! I’m still finding the courage to start reading the last book that just came out!

The Iron Flower – Laurie Forest

The Black Witch was a favorite book of mine last year and I couldn’t wait for The Iron Flower. I haven’t gotten around to this one yet, but it’s definitely high on my TBR. I’ve heard amazing things, so hopefully I feel the same way when I get to it.

A Touch of Gold – Annie Sullivan

This was my first King Midas retelling and I really enjoyed it. The ending was a bit rushed, but I’m excited to see what the sequel will bring.

The Universe is Expanding and So Am I – Carolyn Mackler

Like I said in the haul post, I got the ARC on Netgalley, but forgot to download it. Even though I really thought I did. At the moment, I still haven’t read this one. Mainly because I need to get the first book, haha. Oops!

An Heir in Shadow – Sofia Drake

I’m ashamed to say I’m still at 20%! I really need to get back to this one, because I was really enjoying it. Hopefully I can get a review on the blog soon!

End Result:
Read 3/6 – 50%
Unread 3/6 – 50%


After getting so many books in London I was a pretty good girl last year in September! I only added 3 new books to my collection. Last month when I looked back 66% of my haul was still on my TBR. Do you think I did better this month? Probably not if we’re being honest 😉

Two Dark Reigns – Kendare Blake

Of course I read this one! This is a favorite series of mine and I had to know what happened after the ending of One Dark Throne. The last book in this series, Five Dark Fates recently released and I did start it. But I’m so scared haha! I don’t want this to end and I’m also not so sure we’ll get a ‘happy’ ending…

Mirage – Somaiya Daud

You probably already know I didn’t read this one yet. I did read the first chapter in the Try a Chapter Tag and I am interested enough to pick it up soonish. The book looks gorgeous and I’m happy to have it in my collection. Hopefully the inside is as beautiful as the outside!

Vengeful – V.E. Schwab

I’m so ashamed to say I haven’t read this one yet! After getting it, I started reading it right away. But I believe I got Two Dark Reigns pretty soon after and started reading that. And I just didn’t pick this one back up. Even though I really enjoyed what I read so far. I have to say I’m a bit intimidated by the size of this one but I just need to bite the bullet soon!

End Results
Read: 1/3 – 33%
Unread: 2/3 – 66%

Have you read any of the books we talked about today? Let us know if you have in the comments! We love to hear what others think about the books we have added to our shelves.

11 thoughts on “Looking Back At Our Bookhauls | September 2018

    1. Haha we hoped this would help us read more books from our TBR’s but there is a lot of guilt involved haha.

  1. Gosh I always do something like this. Buy 3 OMG I NEED TO READ NOW books and end up reading 1 of them and then next month 5 new OMG I NEED TO READ IT NOW shows up and then I only read 2 hahaha maybe thats why I have sooooo many unread books in my shelf 😛

    I will do an unread books challange next year, do you guys want to join? All the information about it will show up 25 October if you want to check it out 😀

    1. HAHA, yup that’s exactly what we do! It’s so crazy, because we do REALLY want to read those books haha. And that sounds super interesting, can’t wait to read your post about it!

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