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These Witches Don’t Burn is a book that I’ve been looking forward to since I read about it releasing. Seeing how this book is about witches and takes place in Salem, MA I was going to save it until Halloween. I couldn’t resist picking it up earlier though, so today I’m going to tell you what I thought about this book!

These Witches Don’t Burn was a fast and fun read. I love the setting and I’ve always wanted to visit Salem, MA. To think I lived close to it for awhile and never got there is rather frustrating! Haha. Starting off this book gave me great Fall vibes and it made me even more excited for Halloween.

I have to start off by saying that I loved the diversity in this book. The characters were a lot of fun and it all felt natural. The relationships and friendships didn’t feel forced at all. The side characters are a lot of fun and I think Hannah’s best friend, Gemma, was my favorite character of all. She was quirky and funny, but also so supportive!

As a big fan of romance, it pains me to say this, but I think the relationship drama and new love took a bit too much time away from everything else going on. Yes, Hannah and Veronica have gone through a lot together. Yes, they belong to the same coven and things didn’t end on a high note. I get that, but at times it felt like their drama was the only thing going on. I loved that they show that things aren’t always easy after breaking up, but it could’ve been just a little bit less. That being said, I did like the new possible romance between Hannah and Morgan. Again, I wish we learned more about Morgan. She ends up having a bigger secret and I would’ve loved more time to see that develop!

“That’s what they say. All things considered. They tell me it’s a miracle I didn’t suffer tremendous burns. That I’m lucky. Blessed even. I need a new T-shirt : someone tried to kill me, and all I got was this stupid concussion. But the real injuries won’t show up on their scans. I think they know that.”

Okay, back to the story. Hannah is an elemental witch and is part of a coven. They aren’t allowed to tell people without magic about what they can do. I loved hearing about them getting lessons and other things going on, but I would’ve liked to have seen just a bit more. We get information along the way, but I think it would’ve been just a bit better giving that aspect of the story a little more time!

The mystery aspect of this story was pretty interesting. Creepy things start happening in town and Hannah starts wondering if it has anything to do with her trip to New York not that long ago. There are some exciting moments in this book and twists and turns I didn’t see coming! I loved that the author kept us wondering and the ending wasn’t something I figured out until right before the reveal at the end. These Witches Don’t Burn definitely didn’t end with they all live happily ever after and I can appreciate when authors do this!

When I started this book, I actually didn’t know there was going to be a sequel! I am curious where this story will go and plan on picking it up! Maybe I’ll actually be able to wait until Halloween next time!

If you’re looking for a fast and fun read with a bit of magic, I definitely recommend These Witches Don’t Burn. It’s not all light and fluffy, but that’s what makes it fun as well. What are your favorite books with witches? Let me know in the comments!

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