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One of my favorite shows this summer has been The Inbetween. As you may know I watch way too many tv shows haha, and even in the summer I find a ton of fun shows to watch. One of the most underrated shows in my opinion is The Inbetween. As of now, this show isn’t cancelled or renewed yet so I hope to bring it some extra love 😉

A woman with the ability to speak to the dead helps detectives solve murder cases.

We follow Cassie, a young woman with some mysterious abilities. She can see ghosts and get’s visions about murders. Her adoptive dads know all about her abilities and as one of them is a police detective he asks for her help every now and then. The cases they solve together are super interesting and had some nice twists!

If you hadn’t heard about this tv show before, I included the official trailer.

With a show like this, you get a comparison to Ghost Whisperer or Medium really fast. But I think this was still a pretty unique show. The cases were interesting and there was a bit of an overarching story throughout most of the episodes. Also, those shows were pretty popular, so it would make sense to develop something similar as I don’t think we have many shows like this currently.

I really liked the characters! Cassie is super sweet and caring but also so much stronger than you first realize. Her adoptive father and detective Tom Hackett (Quentin Lance from Arrow!!) was quite protective and overall very likable. He also has a new partner and I appreciated the lack of romance that could’ve been the easy route. Cassie’s other adoptive dad, Brian was a nice addition and he had an interesting storyline.

As I said, the show hasn’t been cancelled or renewed yet but it doesn’t seem to be a super popular show. I was scared it would be cancelled before the end of the first season but there’s still hope! When I started watching the season finale, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a cliffhanger or not haha. And up until the last scene I thought I would be okay if the show didn’t get renewed. But then that last scene happened and now I NEED a second season haha.

All in all, I really enjoyed this show and would urge everyone to go and watch it! If you’ve seen the show already, did you like it? Come talk to me about it in the comments!

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