Show Sunday | Fall 2019 TV Shows I’m On the Fence About

Candyce and I both shared a list of our most anticipated new tv shows for this fall. However, there are also a couple of new tv shows I’m not so sure about. I watched a bunch of trailers for the new season of tv and have a little list of shows I’m on the fence about. Curious to see which ones those are, keep on reading!

Mixed-ish – I haven’t watched the shows Black-ish or Grown-ish but I did really like the trailer for Mixed-ish. This isn’t a show I’d normally watch but I am willing to give it a try. I don’t think it’s a problem to watch this one without watching Black-ish or Grown-ish but if this is enjoyable I might try the other ones as well!

Carol’s Second Act – I really like hospital drama’s but this will obviously be quite different. It will be interesting to see how I like a comedy set at a hospital as I’ve never watched one of those.

Perfect Harmony – Another great trailer, looks like this comedy will have some hard hitting moments. I really like some of the actors in this one so I hope it will be to my liking!

Sunnyside – To be honest, I kinda forgot what this one was about haha. But I did put it on my list of shows I’m slightly interested in. I think this is the one I’m least hopeful for but I will give it a try.

It’s funny to see all of these are 20 minute comedies! That’s not my favorite genre of tv shows but I do like to have one or two of them to watch whenever I just have a little bit of time to watch something.

Are you excited for any of these shows? And what are your favorite comedy shows? Let me know in the comments down below!

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