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Last week I was browsing the Read Now section of Netgalley because I heard there was a book on there I was interested in. I couldn’t find the book, but I did come across Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu. And that is actually one of my most anticipated graphic novel releases for the rest of this year. So of course I immediately got a copy and started reading it right away. And today I want to tell you all about it. So let’s dive in!

I was very interested in the story for Mooncakes and read some very positive reviews. So I had pretty high hopes! After seeing the cover, I was also expecting a cute art style. Luckily I was not disappointed. I read the whole GN in one sitting. Mooncakes is one contained story so it was pretty thick for a GN, with a little over 250 pages.

As you can see, the art style is lovely. I really enjoy the colors that were used, they’re all soft like you see here. The style isn’t super clean but I think it fits the story really well. In these frames you can see our two main characters. And they are some of the most diverse MC’s I have read about. They are both Chinese-American, Nova is deaf and queer while Tam is non binary and uses they/them pronouns. We also have a fat side character and a f/f side couple (Nova’s grandmothers, and they were amazing). I really enjoyed reading about all these diverse characters and how this was all simply a part of the story.

The setting was super atmospheric and I think this GN will be an amazing Halloween read. I also really enjoyed the magic, but would’ve liked to explore that a little more. Thinking back, I’m not that sure how the magic works in this story and I’m always very eager to learn about those kinds of things.

The plot was quite interesting and was part of why I read this so fast. I didn’t want to put the story down and I was curious to see how it would all end. And while it’s nice to have any cliffhangers, I did wish the story was a bit longer. If it was the start of a series that would’ve been even better. I would’ve liked to see everything a little more developed. It isn’t underdeveloped perse, I just think there could’ve been even more.

We also got a super cute romance, and as someone who isn’t big on romance that says something haha. I really liked that there wasn’t any drama between them just to have drama in your plot. The relationship was very cute and wholesome and I wish them all the best.

All in all, I would highly recommend Mooncakes, especially for Halloween. It’s a quick, fun and cute read. And I have a still and secret hope that we’ll get more story set in this world! Have you read Mooncakes yet? Or do you plan on reading it? Let me know in the comments!

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