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Christina Butrum is an author who writes fun and sweet romances. Her newest release, Choosing Chelsea, has been out since yesterday! Thanks to the author I had a chance to read and review. Keep on reading to find out what I thought of this book!

Her intuition tells her something isn’t right about his intentions. Will he make the right choice to win her heart?

Chelsea Abbott and her golden retriever, Ollie work at Gold Coast Stables, but it’s more than a job. This placed once saved her life, helping her cope with the loss of her mother. When someone threatens the existence of her sanctuary, she feels compelled to do something about it.

Nick Matthews is a hardworking, single father with one goal—finding a buyer for Gold Coast Stables. A sale of this magnitude would establish a long future for his real estate company. More importantly, it would help secure a better life for himself and his young daughter Lily.

When Lily insists Nick attend a school field trip, he agrees, unaware that his daughter wants him to meet Chelsea, aka the Horse Lady. Chelsea and Nick find themselves thrown together for the sake of the girl. Can they look past Chelsea’s intuition and Nick’s intentions to find what matters most?

Choosing Chelsea is book twelve in the Gold Coast Retrievers series. Each book stands completely on its own, but you’ll have more fun if you read them all together!


Choosing Chelsea is my first Golden Coast Retrievers book and I loved it. I love books that leave a smile on your face and in a feel good mood. In all honesty, it felt like I was reading what could be a Hallmark movie.

Chelsea and her loving dog Ollie work at Golden Coast Stables. She’s been there for years. This place really helped her after losing her mother and she can’t remember a time without it. The horses and children that come here. When the director decides to sell the stable, Chelsea decides to do everything in her power to save this place she loves.

Nick is a single father, raising his 7 year old after his wife lost her battle with cancer. He’s still struggling to find a balance in everything two years later. When Chelsea comes into their lives, things start changing. Lily, Nick’s daughter, quickly bonds with Ollie and with Chelsea. He notices a big change in her once she starts riding lessons. Nick puts his career on the line to help save a place his daughter loves and the place the woman he’s falling for loves.

“There was something about connecting with horses, or any animal for that matter, that was good for the soul.”

Choosing Chelsea is a clean romance that will leave you smiling. I loved reading about how special the stables was to Chelsea. That made seeing Lily connect with Ollie, the horses and Chelsea even more special. I also loved watching Nick and Chelsea together. That also leads to my only issue with this book. I loved reading about them saving the stables, but I missed more character interaction. I would’ve loved to have learned just a bit more about these two and some more time with them together.

If you’re a big fan of Hallmark movies, definitely pick this book up. It’s definitely a nice pick me up that will leave a smile on your face. I will definitely have to pick up the other books in this series. If Choosing Chelsea is an example of how good they are, I definitely won’t ever have enough!

As an animal lover, I love it when animals play a bigger part in stories. What is your favorite animal appearance in a book? Any favorites?

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