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I’ve read Fixing Her and Fixing Him by this author and loved the stories this author brought to life. The next book, Fixing Us, was released a few days ago. Today I’m here to tell you what I thought of this story. A big thanks to the author and Social Butterfly PR for providing an ARC to read and review.


Fixing Us, an all-new romantic standalone from Miranda Elaine is available now!

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Gabriel Starr is the love of my life, even if he breaks my heart time and time again.

Like a fool, I keep going back, so I’ve made a promise to myself—one final night and then I’m done.

One night of passion.

No pressure. Most importantly, no future.

One month later, a positive pregnancy test tells me different.

Our only option is to raise this baby as friends, but how can we make it work when we can’t even keep our hands off each other?

We finally have the chance to be the family we never imagined we could be.

But first we need to focus on Fixing Us.

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After reading Fixing Her and Fixing Him, I was a big fan of Leigh. She seemed like such a fun character and the books mentioning her complicated relationship with a guy definitely wanted me to see her have her own happily ever after! So I was very excited when I saw Fixing Us would have her as a main character.

Just like the first two books in this series, Fixing Us sucked me in from the beginning. I loved reading about Leigh being set up by her mother and the few dating adventures she had after signing up for a dating app. The author had me laughing out loud in no time. Add reading about the characters I came to love in the first two books, this story was off to an amazing start.

Leigh and Gabe have a history as high school sweethearts. They had made plans, but things didn’t go like they thought they would. See, Gabe had a rough childhood and has a hard time seeing himself as worthy. This makes Gabe and Leigh want two different things in life. Both of them constantly find their way back to the other, but it just doesn’t seem to stick.

What I loved about this book is that between the normal chapters, we get flashbacks to see certain events in their time together. This added so much extra emotion to the story for me. I cared for both Leigh and Gabe from the start, but this just made me want them to be together and be happy even more.

After a certain night neither of them were planning, Leigh ends up pregnant. Even though I kind of saw this one coming, I think it fit the story well. Gabe never saw himself with a family or expected he could be a good father. This ‘ accident’ happening really made him think about things. Taking it slow and just getting to know each other as co-parents during the pregnancy was the deal they started out with.

I love how during Leigh’s pregnancy they really start to get to know each other again. Because of a baby on the way Gabe learns to be more open with Leigh than he ever has been. During these moments, I just wanted to give Gabe a big hug! I loved how much he developed in this story and started seeing himself as worthy. He’s so worthy and then some! Definitely book boyfriend material! The big question is though, does he stumble along the way and will it work itself out?

Fixing Us is another amazing installment in this series and the author gave me all the feels once again. The way she writes these stories just drags you in and doesn’t let you go. If you’re looking for an amazing romance, friendship, humor, steamy moments and just people loving each other, definitely pick up this book (the whole series really…).


Finally, after what feels like a millennium, the door opens and Dr. Mallard enters, smiling. He’s an older man who is always overly happy. I like him, even if I find his cheerfulness somewhat off-putting at this exact second.

“Mrs. Simms, how exciting to have you here today. This must be your husband.” He walks over to Gabe, who stands, hand extended.

“Sorry, no,” I chime in. “Definitely not my husband.”

“My fault,” he apologizes. “Your boyfriend. This is a new age. Lots of people in lifelong relationships nowadays without marriage.”


“Nope,” I say, popping my P with a bit more attitude than intended. “We aren’t together.” I look over at Gabe, who’s holding his laughter in and I silently yell Help me!

“Just got her knocked up,” Gabe finally speaks. “Classic fairy tale story of ex-sex turning into a baby. Turns out those silly condoms serve a purpose and really shouldn’t be skipped. Who knew?”

“Seriously!” I yell while shooting him daggers with my eyes. All he does to respond is shrug his shoulders and give me an evil grin.

“Okay, Miss Simms, if you can lie back and put your feet up we can check on this little miracle,” Dr. Mallard finally says as the nurse pulls the stirrups out and helps me assume the position.

Even if you don’t want your ex-boyfriend back you still always want them to think of you as the sexy one who got away, not the girl nude and exposed with her legs in the air while a doctor probes her. Great, fucking great.

“Sure.” I lie back and my head jerks to Gabe. “But you stay north of the equator.”

“Not a problem, Leigh.” He smiles at me. “But it ain’t nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Well, it’s definitely something you’re never seeing again,” I snap back at him, causing the nurse to let a small chuckle escape.

I try to act cool by the fact that the doctor seems to think sticking a huge wand up me is perfectly normal.

Thump thump. Thump thump.

Our bickering immediately stops. The room is dark and the monitor next to me is lit up.

“Is that—” Gabe starts.

“That’s your baby’s heartbeat,” the doctor interrupts. “And if you look over here, you see that small little bean shape in the middle there.” He points to the picture on the ultrasound machine. “That’s your baby. It’s currently approximately the size of a raspberry.”

“Wow,” Gabe and I both somehow say at the same time.

We finish the appointment with a plethora of information. Gabe is quiet and the silliness that existed in the examination room is gone. We check out and walk side by side. Neither of us bringing up everything we need to discuss.

Does him showing up mean he wants to be involved? Does he assume we will get back together? Can we even do this together? Do I want to?

All the questions are running rampant in my head and instead of saying a single one of them I simply say, “I’ll let you know when I have another appointment.”

“Thanks.” He holds the door to the building open, letting me walk outside, him close on my heels. “I want to be here for you and our child as best as I can.”

I nod, but my mind is still back in that office with that beautiful baby. My baby.

“We ought to talk, Leigh.”

“You’re right. But today I got to hear my—our, baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Let’s not ruin it, okay?” We’re standing in the middle of the parking lot, neither of us moving to our respective vehicles.

“Okay, but soon.”

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