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This was the first week in quite a long time that I didn’t have a tag ready. So to choose a new tag, I decided to Google Book Blog Tags. I stumbled upon this Fictional Boyfriend Tag on The Book Nut‘s blog. Answering these questions is going to be hard, because there are plenty of good ficitional boyfriend candidates.

37647917The Most Romantic Boyfriend Hayden from One Baby Daddy is such a romantic character. I recently read this book and he’s so sweet. Hayden took care of the girl he loves: flowers, lunch delievered to her work, arranging tickets to the broadway show she wanted to see.

The Dark & Moody Bad Boy with a Good Side I can’t help but choose Hardin from the After series for this one. He’s dark and 22557520definitely moody! Sometimes a bit too much, haha. Hardin is a book character I had a love-hate relationship with while reading this series. Yes, he went through a lot, but he got on my nerves quite a bit.

13644052The Paranormal Boyfriend Daemon from LUX! It’s been a few years since I read these books, but he’s still on the top of my bookboyfriend list. There is just something about him, haha. Daemon can be arrogant and frustrating, but he loves Katy so much. He is so sweet when it comes to her and even his family. I can’t wait for The Darkest Star, because apparently, Luc is going to give Daemon a run for his money.

The Boyfriend You Want to Tame Landon from the Renegades would’ve been one I would’ve loved to haveĀ  tamed, 31844195haha. He was compared to Casanova for all the girls he was with. I guess heartache did that to him. The one who tamed him is a lucky one though, because Landon is one of the sweetest fictional boyfriends once you get past all the hurt.

27274334The Boy You Friend-Zoned Once again, I will be choosing a character from the After series. Landon would probably be friend-zoned by me as well. He’s a sweet character, but I would see him more like a best friend just like Tessa does. He’s a sweet character and is there for everyone he loves.

Your Soulmate I really had to think about this one. Who would be my soulmate? After thinking for awhile, I chose Archer. There’s 32822135just something about him. It’s hard to put my finger on. No one has really given him a chance, but he proves that not all rumors should be believed. Archer is a person that still was able to keep himself going when everyone turned their backs to him.

25068924The Boyfriend You Would Elope With CJ is the one who I would elope with, haha. Especially after reading the story in So Much More. How could I not want him? Haha. He’s quite the gentleman and he let Riley steal his sweater. CJ would definitely be a keeper!

The Boyfriend You Would Venture Anywhere With Gansey would be a good partner to travel with I think. When it comes to 17675462things he needs to find, he can be very focused! Gansey is good at doing research, so I think he would be the one that would get me to places I may not see otherwise! A trip with him would be very interesting.
33238539The Boyfriend You Want to be Stranded on a Deserted Island With Holden is the one I would want to be stranded on a deserted island with. Not only is he a former soldier (and could help me survive), but he loves romance books. At least I know I wouldn’t get bored, haha.

The Most Bad Ass Boyfriend Rhysand is an obvious answer for me when it comes to fictional boyfriends. He’s so 31076583arrogant and sassy, but also so charming. To be honest, while many liked him in ACOTAR, I actually didn’t warm up to him until ACOMAF. It took me awhile to see the real him, haha. Even though he’s so full of himself, there is a sensitive side that not many get to see. He fights for his people and loved ones. Rhysand isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done.

That was my tag for this week. I tag anyone who wants to talk about their fictional boyfriends, or change it to girlfriends if you prefer! Don’t forget to tag us if you do. We love to see your answers.


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